Types of door hinge.

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choose to install the door hinges need to with great attention.The range of accessories is very rich and wide.By type of installation all fastenings can be divided into several types.Each different specific functionality that is required for various door curtains.

Mortise hinges

is one of the varieties of the inner veil, which are made of two connected plates, fastening the door to the box.These products are called differently by card.They differ from the invoices that are not visible in the box door closed.A notable part is the element that covers the rotary pin for smooth opening and closing.

advantage mortise veil is their split design that facilitates quick release of the door.Overhead loops do not have this feature.There is a universal hardware, which is suitable to any type of doors and consists of a one-piece mechanism.To remove the door for these curtains, you need to unscrew it from the hinges.

Most mortise hardware can be seen in homes with "Soviet" interior.It continues to produce on the basis of strong alloy.Choosing this type of veil, must take into account peculiarities of the door opening.Many of the loops for the convenience marked with special characters.

Overhead outer loop

Overhead door hinges - variety of outdoor accessories.It is the most ancient of all kinds of fasteners.There is a great variety of forms and colors that are united by a common method of installation.Install a similar hardware without prior preparation of the door leaf and frame.The basic principle of the apparatus is as follows: one part of the hinge is fastened to the door and the other to the box.Fixing by means of screws.

overhead loop - not just hardware, it's part of the door, which holds two boards.Today, they are products of hardened steel, which is used in many areas of economic purpose (in barns and gates, as well as on the gate).It is now becoming fashionable forged fittings, relevant design in the interiors of "retro" and "shebi chic".Overhead hinges look good on the doors of apartments and houses, aged in old-fashioned style.

internal fittings

overhead loops are internal.The market appeared hardware designs that are similar to the cut-in on the basis of the installation.They differ only in the possibility of not insert the product into the door and box.The unique design allows you to secure the invoice loop structure with screws.The hinges are made in such a way that the side that is attached to the door leaf, is included in the one that is connected to the door frame.

These loops are common in interior and exterior doors.Their technology does not require much effort to install.Therefore, virtually anyone can hang their own door.Loops waybills without cutting is very convenient.The only exceptions are the heavy doors, they need more stable supplies.

Veil Screw

Alternatively call them screwed.This innovation in the door market.Just as the overhead door hinges, are easy to mount.When screwing in the fabric and design of the box, all perfectly recorded.Additional height adjustment facilitates precise and perfect installation.It is a universal form of the veil.They are used for frame structures.Today, many manufacturers make doors specifically for this kind of loops.

Large range of accessories allows you to choose what you need.You can always ask your question or manager, who will help in this matter.