Why bald man?

Why bald man?This question is of interest to many of the stronger sex, who have this problem.In this regard, this article we decided to dedicate this particular topic.

Why do men go bald early?

reason for such troubles can serve a number of factors.However, it should be noted that the strong half of humanity tends to ignore the problem because of their ignorance.Moreover, the majority of men believe that today there are no such tools that can stop hair loss.But it is not.

Before we find out what remedy for baldness - the most effective, you need to find out why there is such a problem you have.


In some cases, male pattern baldness is caused by androgens (testosterone).This hereditary hair loss.It may start at a strong half of mankind in any age, but only after puberty.

Why bald man?When androgenetic alopecia scalp in the temporal areas starts to decline significantly.At the same time it decreases the density and duration of the growth phase.The hair shaft during hereditary baldness are reduced in length and diameter.Furthermore, they can acquire a lighter shade.It should be noted that hair loss in men is inherited from the mother or father and is shown only when the amount of androgens in the body increases.


If a person is exposed to a prolonged and rather severe stress, the blood vessels of the scalp begin to narrow.And just after 2-3 months it can lead to insufficient nourishment of the hair roots and then to baldness.If nervous or emotional strain is rare, that such trouble is temporary.

side effect of medication

Why bald man?The answer to this question may well serve as a welcome any strong medication.So, alopecia (photos presented in this article) often occurs after the use of antidepressants, diuretics, aspirin, and so on.If you have demonstrated a side effect, you should always consult a doctor.

autoimmune mechanism

In this baldness humans can perceive hair follicles as foreign bodies and try to get rid of them.The nature of this phenomenon has not been studied up to the end.However, there is a version that the autoimmune hair loss can be inherited or occur as a result of intoxication.

Endocrine disorders

usual remedy for baldness does not help the person return the hair, if the reason is violation of the endocrine glands, including the thyroid.Incidentally, in this first deviation bald areas normally appear in the outer eyebrow and forehead near the neck portions.

When thyroid malfunction hair becomes dull and dry, thin and sparse.If there is atrophy of the prostate, a person can watch at increased hair loss, which is typical for the elderly.In addition, hair loss can be caused by an increase in thyroid.


From that bald men?According to research by the University of Taiwan, this bad habit, like smoking, can cause an increased risk of baldness in the stronger sex.Thus, the scientists analyzed the health status of about 750 men, mean age was 60 years.Results of these studies showed that if the balding patient smoked about 20 cigarettes (or more) a day, the vast majority of it led to a moderate or a significant loss of hair.This pattern researchers explained that during smoking the hair follicle, which is the root of the hair, is quickly destroyed.Moreover, this habit is able to disrupt the circulation of hormones that increases the production of estrogen and, of course, leads to baldness.

Other reasons

Why bald man?Among other things, the reasons for this deviation can serve:

  • malnutrition or alcohol abuse;
  • wrong choice of tools for hair care;
  • various diseases (diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, anemia and so on.);
  • direct sunlight;
  • frosty air;
  • temperature fluctuations;
  • radiation exposure, and so on. D.

determine the true cause of hair loss in men can only be experienced doctor triholog.It should be noted that the timely clarification of this fact will help prevent further hair loss and quickly solve the problem.

How to treat baldness?

prevent the loss of natural hair only after you establish the true cause of their loss.For example, genetic alopecia often slowed by using drugs.For this purpose means such as "Finpecia" or "Propecia".

If the baldness of boys emerged from the constant stress and nervous tension, they are advised to avoid the emotional shocks and to take drugs that improve blood circulation and strengthen blood vessels.

can not ignore the fact that today there are an incredible number of traditional methods by which hair loss can be stopped, not only men but also women.Consider the most effective recipes for more detail.

Mask of onion peel

To prepare reducing weight should take a half-liter jar and fill it with onion husks.After that, the same dishes you need to add a few pieces of cloves and pour 400 ml of normal vodka.The resulting mixture is recommended to insist 11-15 days, then drain and rub into the scalp, especially in places of baldness.After done actions required to wear a bathing cap, tie a scarf or wrap yourself with a towel.Half an hour later the mask should be washed off with their heads under warm water.This medical procedure is preferably carried out 2-4 times per week until full recovery of hair and bald overgrowth.

mask of pepper tincture

To make a medical mask, it is necessary to prepare only 2 pharmacies means: castor oil (one part) and pepper tincture (two parts).Both components must be mixed, put in some glassware.Thereafter, the mixture is required to rub in balding areas and to bundle up the same way as was presented in the previous embodiment.An hour later the head must be washed, using baby shampoo or soap (different castor oil is not removed).This procedure is recommended 2-4 times a week until recovery.

For those who do not know how to make pepper tincture will present its detailed recipe.Four pods of acute plants should be put in a glass container and then add to it 500 ml of vodka.In this part of the ingredients necessary to infuse for three weeks.The resulting mixture can be used as an independent remedy, and as a basis for the preparation of other masks against baldness.

herbal concoctions for preparation of such anti-baldness can be used completely different plants.But most effective are: willow bark, leaves and roots of burdock, wormwood, lungwort, sage, plantain, centaury, mother and stepmother and nettle.It should be noted that in traditional medicine, such plants are often used to treat alopecia.To prepare their own healthful broth should take a mixture of several of the above dried herbs, add to them a little bit of lime honey (about 2 dessert spoons) pour boiling water and leave at room temperature until the cooling liquid.After the water becomes slightly warm or cool, it is necessary to drain and then rinse hair thoroughly.To carry out this procedure, it is desirable, after the usual shampooing.

Useful tips for men and women

addition to the use of masks and medication to prevent baldness and the stronger the weaker sex to refrain from coloring and perming hair.In addition, it is desirable to avoid contact with irons, hair dryers, fixing gels, paints and other cosmetics.

To improve hair growth men should purchase only medicated shampoos that are sold in retail networks.With their purchase is necessary to make sure that part of the detergent included hot peppers, castor or burdock oil.