Energy clothing

Our clothes are not only creates a certain image, energy, clothes can affect the emotional state and even health.

Many people probably noticed that some things feel particularly comfortable.Someone is an old comfortable sweater or an old favorite pajamas, which is so comfortable to sleep.

The more clothes in contact with the body, the duration of its effect on the body.The power of the electromagnetic effect is negligible.If we compare it with a flashlight emission, it is billions of times smaller, but, nevertheless, has effects on the body.

A clothing is considered to be our second skin, it touches the body and this contact must be harmonious.Energy garments and fabrics can affect us positively, and may not, therefore, need to monitor the quality of fabrics, garments, bed linen.

Undoubtedly, synthetics worst natural raw materials.But natural fabrics have different properties.

Wool accompany the person for many centuries.Wool retains the primary structure of domestic animals, it has a positive effect on man and even strengthens it.The thicker and coarser wool fabric, the greater the amount of energy is.

Wool fabrics are suitable for people indecisive, insecure and weak, sick.It is useful to wear a woolen garments, socks made of camel hair, hide blanket.The body will maintain energy during the day and at night.

Cotton fits all.It carries the energy of peace.Cotton clothing reduces stress, reduces internal stresses.The better and thinner than the fabric, the more of these properties.Clothes made of cotton has a calming effect on cotton underwear restful sleep.

Len gives a person a sense of coolness, his energy soothes, it makes gathered.Linen clothes keeps the power of the person, it does not dissipate in vain, except linen fabric can protect the wearer from the effects of negative energy from the outside.

Silk carries a charge of sensual energy.The thinner and better silk cloth, the stronger the energy impact.This applies to clothes of silk, bottom, and bedclothes, especially if the fabric of gray, black, white or red.Energy variegated silk is already much lower.

Before you buy a suit or a dress is not superfluous to find out how energy affects us tissue.Many people try to dress according to fashion and do not really give the value of a tissue made their clothes and linens.

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