Evening luxury outrageous and hilarious poetry

at Moscow Fashion Week were shown a variety of collections of fashionable clothes from luxurious glamor - mischievous youth to outrageous.

Today we introduce you to the creations of designers Kuralaj Nurkadilova, Natalia Walewska and Antonina Shapovalova.


Kazakh Kuralai brand has become one of the few foreign brands at Fashion Week in Moscow.This time the team Kuralai decided to draw the attention of not only the fashion critics, but also secular chroniclers.The fashion show "Attraction" sewn mainly from the tissues in red, attended Victoria Lopyreva and Emilia Vishnevskaya.

dresses made using the study manual of each product, surprised combining incompatible fabric: Lightweight mesh with coarse knapsack ribbon, silk with cotton.They say, for these combinations designer Kuralaj Nurkadilova fans loved fashion weeks around the world.

Natalia Valevskaya

Each new collection of bright representative of Russian couturier, designer Natalia Walewska - a real costume show.Line The White Orchid another proof.

Natalia told the press that the new collection was inspired by the legend of her tribe Maiori on white orchid, so the main collection of white and shades of "tropical fruit".As a fashion accessory used in the spirit of great hats Philip Treacy and decorations of fresh orchids, waxed and gold.

models like the fairy princess, especially when one of the exits on the podium whitest fired live butterflies.By tradition, the culmination of the show was gorgeous wedding dress, met a storm of applause.


to participate in the new collection "the only designer clothes for youth policy in Russia," Antonina Shapovalova was invited many stars of Russian show business.

Model Shapovalova brand case for mastering Sergei Zverev, Danko, Mitya Fomin, "reflex", "Bis", "Chile", Anastasia Stotskaya Ruslan Alehno Natalia Podolsky, Julia Mikhalchik Sun ("Dom-2") "Chelsea ", Alexey Goman.

itself Shapovalova, the author of patriotic T-shirts with dolls, pictures of Gagarin and President Medvedev has explained its choice of participants show: "Last season at the demonstration of" Russian-TM ", we invited artists as models, but it was a comic version. Justthat period it was fashionable. For the new collection, I pre-selected people, performing a song or writing music and poetry. "

theme of the collection "p.21" became Russian poetry.Tagged - Esenina profile portrait of Akhmatova or quotations from Mayakovsky.Familiar to Shapovalova brand label "Vova, I'm with you!", "Multiply nice and helpful", "Russian dolls go," "Idol handmade" and "I love the people!"replaced the philosophical phrases "All of us little horse!", "I wrote," and "I love all kinds of life!".

replaced scarlet shirts and underpants come slinky dresses, leather shorts, pants, trousers, sundresses metallic colors and stylish jackets.Zhostovo painting, colorful pom-poms, and satin ribbons are also gone.Now Russia is represented in the glamorous evening, the stylish urban and sporty.

Photo source: spletnik.ru, etoday.ru

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