Map of the mysterious planet

talked a lot about his travels to other planets.Ufology compared these stories, and it turned out that people describe the same planet.We even managed to make her a card.

In June 1990, a resident of the Moscow region Zinaida Gavrilova walked along a forest road.Suddenly, in front of her appeared a column of smoke.It thickened, acquired the outlines of a human figure and a woman turned into a three meters tall, dressed in black, with a lantern on his chest.She repeated three times: "Come with me."What happened next, Zinaida knows.She awoke a half hour.I vaguely remember something strange.

Gavrilova appealed to the Moscow Research Center of abnormal contact situations.Director of the center Alexey Priyma with renowned hypnotist Valery Avdeev decided to hold a session of hypnosis to Gavrilova remembered what had happened to her.But at the beginning of the session, they found that in her mind there is a psychological barrier posed by someone else's will.With great difficulty, we managed to overcome this barrier.And Zinaida spoke.

She said that two of her were taken on a flying saucer and taken to another planet.There she was in the city, which was called Kuili.That's what she said during a session of hypnosis:

- I'm going down the street.White House, low and long.Very long.Many white bars on the roofs and in between.
- Have you ever been in this city before?
- Yes, at the age of three years.Homes were exactly the same, only the roofs were red.
- Zina, I forgot the name of this city?
- Kuili.
- He's on another planet?
- Yes.
- What's it called?
- I do not know.

Exactly one year after the incident received a letter Alexei Priyma

From the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kostroma police lieutenant colonel V.Dyachkova: "I hereby certify that I have carried out in accordance with UFO research with an extremely concrete assessment of evidence by the method of criminal procedural law, the map of the continentGessaht Pikran planet was made in Kostroma contactee Hypatia Myantsevym in January-February 1981, it was kept secret and only in January 1991, was presented to me, as I made a report at the All-Union conference "Phenomenon" in Moscow 03.03.91. Chief of Investigationsof the Department of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant Colonel V.P.Dyachkov. "

Together with the letter in the envelope was a map of the mysterious planet Pikran composed resident of Kostroma, which is claimed to have been delivered on the planet in flying saucers.Alex Priyma began to examine the map and could not believe my eyes.In the south-west of the mainland by the River Gessaht Fayet was designated a city ... Kuili!

Kostroma made this map a decade ago and kept it a secret.Muscovite Gavrilova, which held a session of hypnosis in 1990, could not know about it.Maybe someone else heard about the city Kuili and was even there?

To learn about it, Priyma published in the "interlocutor" article on the planet, and asked to respond Pikran anyone who knows anything about it.Dozens of people from all over the Russian ufologist sent letters with tales of his travels in an alien city Kuili.

"Petersburg Express", 23.09.2002, St. Petersburg.
Author: Nina Glazkov.

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