How to store herbs in the refrigerator: a few simple ways

Each of us must, especially during the spring vitamin deficiency in the winter, you want to consume food something fresh, fortified.There greens - the best option.Parsley, dill, onion, cilantro, basil - and that's not all available on the market and in supermarkets range.But that it is not lost, you know exactly how to keep the greens in the refrigerator properly, preventing wilting or drying.A product from humidity, on the contrary, can raskisnut or rotten.To avoid this, you can use some tips regarding how to store in the refrigerator greens - and folk, and more modern, technologically survive.And if some of the housewives in the kitchen there are new models of refrigerators (which is a special camera Specialized zero, where the green store is not difficult), the bulk of the people enjoyed all the same grandmother's proven methods.Of these methods, and many other, no less interesting, try to tell in this article.

vacuum container

How to store herbs in the refrigerator using a vacuum container?Well, in the beginning it must be purchased.And choose a better and more appropriate dishes well-known companies that have proven themselves in the market.The reason is that the vague manufacturer may use poor quality, not intended for plastic products.In addition, many firms quite popular, has developed a whole line of such products - and no need to reinvent the bicycle.Containers there are different in size, shape, color.Here it is - not the main thing.And it is important that utensils complied vacuum principle and was made of "food" of the material.Before laying the greens need to go, wash in running water and dry.Oh, and the last thing: these accessories are quite expensive, but it is better to spend money than to throw out spoiled food then.

Glass jar

How to store herbs in the refrigerator by using an ordinary glass jar?This is a proven method in the people invented, perhaps even with the purchase of the first Soviet refrigerators.

  1. Bunches of green thread and exempt from possible propped elements.Cut the roots.
  2. in a broad and deep dish, pour the cold water and thoroughly wash the plant.
  3. on the table or any flat stretches towel (paper can) and get wet herbs from the liquid.Reserve some time to dry out as much as possible, it is possible.
  4. In dry quart (if a lot of greens - and the three-liter can) add up the bank and close the plant plastic jar lid.
  5. puts it at the bottom of the refrigerator, where the temperature is always above zero, but low.

In this way, green plants can be kept fresh two or even three weeks (this refers to such items as dill, celery, parsley).A more delicate species - lettuce, for example, or coriander - can live there a little less time: up to a week.

polyethylene bags of food

How to store herbs in the refrigerator in the package?As easy as pie!It's also good old proven way.Thus it is possible to maintain the greens and even without a refrigerator in the cellar or in the gazebo in winter.But at the bottom of the refrigerator, she feels perfectly: stored more than a week.

  1. purchased Loop through the plant, remove rotten.In no case do not wash?
  2. puts them in a pretty tight package of food grade plastic.
  3. do well to pack greens pouted like a ball inside air.Then, firmly tying, keeping a rounded shape (it is convenient to make stationery tape).
  4. Spicy bundles in bags put down the refrigerator when the thermometer plus performance.

Wet wrapping paper

How to store herbs in the refrigerator, using paper?Suitable paper towel or a food parcel - no difference.Do not use paper - they ink that can move on products.The main quality of the chosen material - so it does not creep away under the influence of moisture.Greens wash and sort out.Then, wrapped in paper and spray water from the sprinkler.Bundle laid down the refrigerator in an open bag of polyethylene.Thus herbs can be stored up to a week, and possibly longer.

freezing and zero camera

most technological method of how to store fresh herbs in the refrigerator.It is necessary to prepare the grass for laying, sorting through them and after washing.Then - chop and put in a plastic container.Put in the freezer (or zero camera designed specifically for frozen fruit and vegetables).In such circumstances, if you know how to store fresh herbs in the refrigerator, you can almost all year round to use it to decorate the dishes when submitting to the table used for the preparation of salads and other delicious and useful things!