Why dream of a carrot?

Many believe that dreams can keep them out of trouble or to warn of the impending joy.Therefore, try to remember all the little things that they see, when they sleep, and in the morning the first thing look somewhere important.And then waiting for this all come true, and in some cases, unconsciously adapt to the interpretation of his dream.And then all try to prove that it's all true.Maybe so.For such people there are downers.Sometimes, even the interpretation of them varies.But here everyone chooses a value in itself, and dream interpretation.Let's try, for instance, consider what dreams carrots.

Female dream book tells us that if you can see how you eat it, it promises you a quick wedding.And he prepared for the fact that in this marriage you will have not one or two children, and much more.

According Culinary Dream book see carrots means addition to the family.And for those who are unmarried - rather like the registrar.

What dream carrots?

If you look at the book "Little Dream Book of Veles", then you'll see the different interpretations.This is either to health, success, pleasure, profit, fun or to shame, disease, effort spent in vain.And if you see how eating carrots, is definitely a disease.

newest dream book tells us that it is to the health and prosperity in business.A Russian promises quick profits.According to the family

sonnik see carrots - it is to thrive in business and excellent health.If a young girl is eating it, it means that it successfully marries soon.And it is not far off when it will be a wonderful mother several rosy-cheeked toddler.That's what tells us the latest dream book.

What dreams carrot more?Interpreter of dreams decrypts it as an omen of illness.Modern dream book interprets this vision as a success in business and unwavering health.For an unmarried girl a dream wedding and promises early horde of children.

Dreams 2012 portends us good health and prosperity.And, like some others, prepares the young girl to the fact that it will soon become a mother wonderful kids.


Dreams for the whole family promises to the women that they would be swimming in gold and only wear diamonds, and promises good health.In addition, unmarried girls will soon be in a lasting happy marriage and give birth to at least three children.And men - promises inheritance and promotion.

Dreams for bitches (there was!) Promises wealth, career success, prosperity, health.Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, answering the question "what dreams carrots", they say that's a good sign, symbolizing health and everyday fun if it is clean and ripe.And if not, on the contrary, family troubles, illness, grief.

Another interpretation

Dreams Summer birthday says see you Carrots clean - a sign of marital consent.

A dream book birthday winter and spring promises that soon you will show off in front of someone.

In Dream Interpretation autumn birthday - it's just to health.

And if you want to know what dreams shredded carrot, then Martin Zadek will interpret this as an omen of sorrow.According to Dream Miller it promises us prosperity and health.If a young girl eating a carrot, you will soon get married, and it will have restless kids.

Dream book from A to Z promises profit, promotion, career and business success.If you dig into a bed, it is to the health and prosperity.Planting (if the dream of a man) - a reticence, strife and discord.Harvest - then refuse to increase.There are carrots (for women) - to the new fan, which, however, will soon be rejected.Rub the root - a good marriage and a lot of kids.Cook - to minor ailments, pickle - a significant loss.


This is what dreams carrots.And how his vision will treat you, this is just your choice.See the dreams and go through life step ahead.