Turquoise: protection against all hazards

In all ages and turquoise is still considered to be a stone-talisman, bringing its owner knowledge of the truth, the truth, the ability to study the higher sciences, especially to comprehend the spiritual world and improve myself in this world.Contemplation of turquoise helps to understand the spiritual books.

This stone - the great conciliator and exterminator of evil.As an amulet blue turquoise peerless for children of all ages, it drives away from their evil entities.Turquoise is often inserted into the handle of swords, because this stone is able to protect the soldiers and make them irresistible weapon.Embarked on a struggle against evil has always had as a defender and turquoise, and as a protectress.It also warns the wearer from all sorts of sectarians, and members of the Black Order t. D. If the owner at particular risk of stone can dramatically change the color or even crumble.

believed that turquoise rescues from untimely, stupid death.It keeps the wearer from poverty and contribute to a positive solution of all issues, if he asks for it to the authorities.Stone makes people more favorably and is especially useful to those who overtake anger.It protects the horse and rider, and why was the decoration of the harness.Since ancient times is famous as a stone of happiness.

due to the high female images made in the turquoise views of ancient stone of love.The Persians even believed that the bones of people who died of love, are transformed into turquoise.

turquoise enjoyed great popularity in the Muslim world - is a stone winning, powerful talisman.On the territory of the Volga region, the Caucasus and Central Asia has been a mandatory part in a wedding-dress brides.Turquoise - a stone of good luck and peace, tames quarrels and enmity between people, pacifies unjustified anger and evil thoughts, and constant symbol of true love.

From the perspective of the young and the young magic turquoise azure as the sky, the colors, "fueling" a man of his energy and is a stumbling careless and carefree Venus and is suitable for young and youthful.Turquoise Green - ripe stone, which is hidden in the power and wisdom of Saturn, so it can carry a strong and wise.

Green turquoise looks more appropriate to psychologically mature people, and blue - in children and adolescents.Anyone who owns any turquoise color, never have a lack of money, his words found others with care.

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