The main trends of dresses winter 2009: Part Two

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Everyone knows that the dress will never go out of fashion - they just change their design.

was no exception to this rule, and this season, so today we offer you the second part of the review fashion trends autumn and winter dresses 2008-2009.

Leather dresses

leather dress, popular last winter, have not lost their relevance in the current season.New models of leather presented as simple forms with a characteristic finish for the season: architectural tailoring, a not-fitting neckline or collar and light volume in the hip line.

In terms of color designers experimented with tones and shades, replacing the black color, which also became a distinctive feature of the new models.

main colors: orange, full of iridescent greenish-blue, black, dark blue.

Main materials: thin soft skin.

Knitted and crocheted dresses

A wide variety of comfortable sweater dress presented by designers this season.Pay attention to the light volume of the dress from marc by Marc Jacobs, a cute drawing of a bunny at Sonia Rykiel and simple knitted strapless dress from Betty Jackson.

also feature the trend is to use a soft, tactile yarns, especially fluffy mohair, for free, shapeless models.

Primary colors: all the trendy colors of the season, gray tones.

Main materials: fluffy mohair or angora with a long nap, lurex, soft wools and cashmere blend.

Wide trapezoid

Today again there is a tendency to easy terms: dress-bells are wider, free, bringing the trapezoidal shape loses clarity and expressiveness.These models represent a good basis for the development of the color threads and prints.

main elements of decoration include raglan sleeves cut, lowered shoulder line, a gate fold or tuck under the notch, giving a moderate amount, shapeless and loose sleeves.

main colors in prints dominated by gray tones, but also used and trendy colors of the season, and crimson - as the pitch.

Basic materials: lightweight silk and satin, cotton blend, tweed, leather.

Drapery and ruffles

With drapes and ruffles trim the simple silhouette gets light, elegant volume.The secret of the elegance of these models lies in the asymmetrical draping and pleating of light coming from the cut line (one of the main design elements this winter).

Another way to get rid of the one-dimensionality of silhouette - a multi-layered finish, namely, processed laser-frills petals, flat overlapping folds or assembly, finishing oblique tiers, which may be located at or tonal original form discreet color combinations.

Primary colors: muted neutrals, gray, olive, fancy vivid color, black.

main materials: silk and viscose jersey, satin, organza, lightweight wool, latex, crepe de chine, tulle.

Practical dresses

Practical dresses winter, mainly represented by models of youth style and denim options.The main features of the new dresses: sports functional zipper on the front, and some rounded shape or surface volume is achieved by draping or features cut.

Designers also have audited in the arsenal of materials selected for its unusual blend of products and highly unexpected fabrics such as Cloquet or parachute silk.

Primary colors: olive, gray, neutral, black.

Main materials: Elastic Woven Satin, leather, silk, decorative Cloquet.

Dress-shirt with buttons

Another trend with great commercial potential.Of particular interest is easy laid-back dress by Alexander Wang, resembles a simple shirt large size.

Also in this trend are the use of unusual materials: for example, completely covered with sequins or plain plaid fabric through which dress is perfect for the image in the style of "country".

Primary colors: grays, dark blue, bright trendy colors of the season.

Basic materials: lightweight wool Schally, plaid or tartan fabric, satin, materials for sale "wet effect" skin.

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