Where to apply for a divorce?

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According to statistics, a large number of marriages fail.When there is a marriage, many to think about where to apply for a divorce.However, when such situations occur, we need to deal with them.


Ideally divorce - a return to the state that existed before the marriage.Thus, we can say that the submission of an application for divorce appears to be an act that allows a person to feel free again.There are two versions of events.First - if you decide to get a divorce, do not have children and both spouses consent to the termination.This is the simplest case, when you just need to go to the Department of Civil Registry Office and pay a state fee, after a certain time, the divorce will be issued.More complex situations discussed further.

Applying for divorce

Most often there are situations when a family has children who have not attained the age of majority, or else there is a dispute about property.In addition, one spouse does not agree to divorce.In this case, if there is a question: "Where to apply for a divorce?", Then it is the prerogative of the court, the court may be different.For example, if there are no children, but there is a dispute about property, it is possible to apply to the Magistrate's Court (judicial sector of residence of the defendant).If you have children, it is already the world court does not consider such things, and you need to have to write an application to the district court.Even if there is a dispute about this property, but the price of the claim more than 50 thousand rubles, the same treatment is applied again to the district or city court.


addition claim, it goes without saying, you need to make more and some documents.The total package:

  • marriage certificate;
  • data that are recorded in the book of the house;
  • birth certificates of children;
  • check (receipt) confirming that you have paid the state fee.

understood that in a particular case may be required by other documents.For example, if the question mainly concerns the division of property, the submitted information and property, and income.In some cases, witnesses are required if, for example, one of the parents periodically beat children.There may be other situations.

To apply for divorce understood.This could be the body and the court registry office.The Court may also be different.If you have problems, it is best to turn to a professional lawyer.Oh, he knows exactly where to apply for a divorce.In addition, it can affect the outcome of the case, and if a lot of property, the assistance of a lawyer may have a decisive influence.It is important to understand that the procedure is not a pleasant one, so the less you do it, the easier it will survive this time.Few say about children.By law, both spouses have an equal right to them, but in practice often leave the child with the mother, even if she has no property and no way to provide children with material.It should always be remembered, otherwise the court's decision could be a big surprise.