How to make fake money?

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Despite the fact that counterfeiters are now threatened with the capture of a considerable period, counterfeit money printed and will be printed.

Forgery can be made in the following ways:

  1. With an inkjet printer.Should he not so expensive, the print quality is constantly improving and improving, but on the counterfeit banknotes are no safety elements and blurred picture.Any more or less friendly people distinguish counterfeit money printed on an inkjet printer, from the present.
  2. With the help of a color laser printer.Figure the output is more perfect, bright, it is not washed off with water.But on closer inspection, especially under a magnifying glass, it is clear that the image is made up of small dots, and the bill no watermarks.
  3. Silkscreen.Counterfeit money obtained in this way can be distinguished from the real to the touch, as it turns out embossed pattern and volume.
  4. offset printing.The money raised in this way to distinguish from the real thing can only specialist.

Sometimes, to make a gullible citizens, counterfeiters and print nothing.Periodically, the media describes instances of scams when applied to older retirees alleged representatives of social protection services with offers to exchange all of their savings in the "new" money, which have been signed, "the bank card tricks" or "Russian hundred bucks."Conceived as a joke, they were fed gullible citizens under the guise of this.

Another option - to change the denomination.One dollar is converted into 10, and 10 - hundred.In such crude forgeries often come across foreign tourists or illiterate immigrants from neighboring countries who do not represent the look of real note.

Sometimes criminals made counterfeit money from real - terminated watermarking and protection, exchange the remains of the bank as the damaged banknotes at face value.A is attached to the protection of the new bill.

way, not only fake paper money, and coins.Of course, the usual Desyatchikov or nickle forge no one will, but in the rare instance of a collector, costing thousands (or even tens of thousands of rubles) can be found by anyone.Counterfeit coins - troublesome, one printer's not enough.Fake cast, pereshtampovyvayut, sawed off part of the "native" drawing, and then solder the other, thereby increasing the cost.

most popular fake US - hundred-dollar bill.In Russia - 1000 rubles.This is understandable, because a thousand now - one of the most popular banknotes.In addition, the 5000 bill are less common, and hence attention when checking them more easier to remember a man who sells fake.Sto- and pyatisotrublёvye banknote counterfeiting not make much sense because the cost of production did not pay off.

Counterfeit money for marketing purposes is prohibited by law.Counterfeiters, whose guilt is proven in court, waiting for imprisonment up to 8 years and a fine up to 1 million.Production, storage and transport of counterfeit notes, government securities or coins in a large scale faces imprisonment up to 12 years.Counterfeiting group of individuals facing all participants imprisonment up to 15 years.

It does not matter how long a person is engaged in this business come true whether it is a bill, or moved by the thousands.However, the arrest must be a good reason.Law enforcement authorities is not enough to catch the hand of traffickers.We have to prove that the transfer he knew that the coin or banknote - a fake, and not just to purchase goods for the surrender of the notes exchanged hour earlier.

How to protect yourself from fraud?Counterfeit money most often without any watermarks and security strips, so a good starting point to test them against the light.If you have any doubts about the authenticity, put a new bill with the old and compare them or ask to check your nearest store or bank.