Guessing on the runes

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Made rune tiles are approximately rectangular shape about the size of 2h3h0,5 cm cut on one side of the sign.They are stored in a small bag, pulled out from under divination (can be made of wood).You can cut the runes out of construction paper.Below are images of the runes with comments.

1. "I".Starting point - it is the "I".Only clarity, willingness to change will be effective.It should remain modest - a council oracle.No matter what your contribution, whether compliant, focused and reasonable.Try to lead a normal life in an unusual way.I am satisfied with doing their work for its own sake.No frills.

FLEECE Inverted If you feel a barrier, this rune advises to be honest with myself.Do not think about others, and quietly look inside yourself in search of the enemies of development.You will see that an external "enemy" - no more than a reflection of what you're up to this point could not or would not recognize as coming from within.Call here - to break the inertia of past habits.

2. PARTNERSHIP.DAR.The appearance of this sign shows that the unity, association or participate - in any form - very close.But real partnership can only exist between separated from each other and integrity of persons who do not lose their separateness, even in unity and unity.Let your dancing between heaven wind.This is not the sign of an inverted position because it represents the gift of freedom, from which spring all the other gifts.

3. SIGNS.FLEECE messenger.The keynote here - receiving messages, signs, gifts.Even a timely warning can be viewed as a gift.Try to be very attentive and responsive during the meetings, visits, random encounters, especially with those who have more wisdom than you.Sign corresponds to a new sense of family unity.

FLEECE inverted You may be concerned that it seems to interrupt the connection, the lack of clarity and understanding - either in your past or in the present situation.You may feel like something prevents accept proposed.A sense of futility, wasted efforts fruitless journey can cause you to discouragement.But what happens in your situation in a timely manner.If the well is plugged, the time to clean it.

4. DIVISION retreat.INHERITANCE.This time, the divergent paths.Older skin needs to be reset, outdated relationship terminated.Action Required here is the subordination and, quite likely, a retreat, followed by knowledge of how and when to retreat, and tenacity that would implement it.With this rune associated property - it is a sign of acquisitions and gains.However, the gain, the "legacy" can come out of something with what you've got to leave.

FLEECE inverted.Now is not the time to be bound by the old conventions and authorities.Ask yourself what "feels" right for you, and act according to the light that illuminates your life is now.At this time I need no rigidity, and flowability.When this symbol appears, remember: we act without doing and everything is done.

5. POWER.Courageously.Femininity.It is a sign of complete and new beginnings.It shows that your life has grown beyond its form, which is to die to life energy could be embodied in a new birth, a new form.What is happening now may encourage you to suffer death in his own personality.Remember that a new form, a new life is always better than the old one.Get ready for a new opportunity, apparently looking like a loss.Search among the ashes - and opened a new perspective and a new birth.

FLEECE inverted.It may seem that you use against your own power.For some, this will serve as a sign of alarm, and minor setbacks and disappointments serve as hints.For others - a senseless and ignorant - it is linked to a serious shock.Reversed, this rune requires a serious analysis of your relationship to the self.But do not depart from the path of darkness.Once in deep water, learn to dive.

6. Dedication.Something hidden This rune refers to Heaven, to the Unknowable, and is associated with Phoenix - mystical bird burning itself and rise from the ashes.Way of the mark mysterious and hidden.Achieved not seen easily or readily.This rune search.It symbolizes the stress experienced by aspect of dedication and is connected with the deepest level of existence, the foundation of your fate.For some, it means the experience of psychic death.If necessary, release all, without exception.No other than the update rate of the Spirit is.

FLEECE inverted.Council did not expect too much and do not expect the usual way, because the old come to an end: you just can not do things the old way, and not to suffer.Inverted sign advises not to think too much about the end result and not tied to memories of past achievements;To do otherwise, you steal itself at the moment.

7. cramped.NECESSITY.PAIN.Normal or inverted, it is difficult Fleece.The need to deal with a hard constraint - its lesson.The role of the sign - marking our "shadow" zones, places where growth has slowed down, resulting in weakness that we project onto others negatively.This rune says with a shadow-play, explore what's inside you attract into your life misfortune.The need for self-restraint is out of the question.The appearance of this rune gives you to understand that ahead of the stop - an occasion once again to weigh your plans.Let the difficulties of the moment will help you straighten your relationship with the "I".Remember that progress is preceded by purification.And, again, consider the use of setbacks.

FLEECE inverted.When we stop to take something within us for his, that we have ceased to recognize produces devastation.This requires cleansing.By taking it, you will strengthen and temper the character.Start with the most difficult and move to what is easy.Remember that the original "suffering" meant - "exposed."So you are exposed to the dark side of its path.To control anger, to restrain impulses to maintain a firm belief - that is what is now required.

8. fertility.NEW BEGINNINGS.Completion initiatives - that's what this sign means.The appearance of this rune means that you have enough strength to achieve completion, resolution, followed by a new beginning will come.Completion is the most important thing.If you need to finish some work, make it its main task.The appearance of this sign symbolizes the way out of the pupa state.At the same time getting rid of the old you will be free from tension and uncertainty.

9. PROTECTION.Aversive force Undergoing tests, we find the strength to overcome obstacles and avoid defeat.At the same time we are developing a distaste for behavior that creates a serious situation.It seems, on your way there are obstacles - but the delay may not be favorable.Do not break too forward.This is not the time or situation when you can feel its influence.Tip of the mark - patience.This requires foresight and perseverance.Prevents the expected difficulties with the right actions.We are not so much those who do, as those who decide.When our decision purely action is effortless, because it supports and strengthens the universe.

10. PROTECTION.Sedge or reed.LOS emotional control is essential.In times of change, turns in the life course and fast self-change, it is important not to give in to emotions - and pleasant, and unpleasant.To do this, sign characterized by new opportunities and challenges.But they are associated with abuse and adverse effects.This rune is the mirror of the Warrior Spirit - the one who is involved in a battle with himself.Immunity warrior like a prejudice rustling sedge or curved horns of an elk - and then, and another helps maintain around space.Remember that timely action and correct behavior - the only thing that gives real protection.

FLEECE inverted.Be attentive to their health, carefully follow the links that develop you at this time, and not to increase the burden on others.If you find it convenient to enter into relationship with people who "use" you remember it and take responsibility for their position - then you can only win.

11. OWNERSHIP.FOOD.CATTLE This rune performance: ambition satisfied, received awards, happy love.This symbol calls for a deeper study of the essence of the acquisition and winning in your life.Look carefully - is whether it is necessary for your well-being, wealth and property or in the possession of itself and strengthen faith.Another meaning of this rune is associated with preservation of already achieved.Enjoy and do not forget to share.

FLEECE inverted.In your life can be a significant upset, loss clearly - from minor to very serious.Maybe you'll have to sit and watch helplessly as what you bought, will fade.Even if there is a reason for joy, not slipping into mindless fun.Reversed, this Rune indicates that questionable situation abundant and come in many forms and guises.In dealing with the dark side of this sign, you get the opportunity to find out what is your true power.

12. JOY.LIGHT This rune - a fruitful branch.Period agony ended, and you are in some sense "came to himself."There has been a necessary shift, and now you can free to reap its fruits - whether they belong to tangible winnings, to your emotional life to a sense of your own being.This alchemical stage, when knowledge is transformed into understanding.Joy accompanies new energy previously blocked.A new clarity that may require you to non-existing plans, ambitions, goals.

FLEECE inverted.The process of birth is long and difficult.The crisis, the heavy stage - albeit short - hand.Looking for consideration and reflection, because light and shadow still intertwined, and doubt, vibrations can overshadow the joy, if you do not realize that their time is now.Seen in the right light, everything is a test.Focusing on the present, sincerely treat others and trusting what's happening to you, you can not fail.

13. CROP.Fertility season.ONE YEAR Fleece favorable outcomes.It refers to all activities of the company with which you are associated.The appearance of this rune will give you strength to maintain a good mood.Remember, however, that you can not expect quick results.Always required period of time, hence the key words "one year", symbolizing the full cycle of time before harvest, or harvest of deliverance.You prepared the soil and planted the seed.Now you have to carefully look after him.

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