Madonna's daughter was 18 years old

When your mom Madonna, the instruction "Do not do anything that I would not do," simply is not working.But the 18-year-old Lourdes is not going to increase a child contradict the queen of pop music, moreover, it seems to be going on the mother's footsteps.

Lourdes to study music, theater and dance at the University of Michigan, where she studied for a brief period her mother before become famous all over the world.By the way, teachers and fellow students admire the mastery of the girl.

In the last photo, it looks like a spitting image of her mother, but at the age of Lourdes Madonna has posed nude for photos, which first saw the light only in the last year.

But that talk about Lourdes classmates: "She has a lot to learn, but it has great potential. Lourdes has great abilities, talent and charisma ... she is gorgeous and stylish. The boys are lining up to ask her out".

Despite its home environment, Lourdes no bulges at the university and readily fits into the standard of student life.She sleeps on a simple bunk bed in a small room, which is shared with the dorm with the other student.

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It is often seen in the student dining room, where she, along with all the pleasure welling with pizza, pasta and other simple-minded student lunches.

It is usually represented his childhood nickname Lola and behaves very modestly, trying not to scare away new friends.

Here is the opinion of one of the classmates: "It's not as sociable as many people might think, but every day she slowly comes out of his shell. However, it does not behave like a diva or capricious daughter of wealthy parents. She realizesthat people would gossip about it and does not want to earn a bad reputation. "

Lourdes, in addition to examinations, withstood the competition, which included a reading of the script and classical singing, to be accepted to the University School of Music, Theatre and Dance in Ann Arbor, Michigan.The teachers describe her as a "gifted" student.

The same way her mother was before to take the risk and go to New York to pursue her singing career.

the beginning of this semester, Madonna surprised students and parents when personally helped Lourdes to move into a hostel.

In 2012, in an interview Vogue Madonna expressed hope that Lourdes will follow her example and go to university, and added: "I keep telling her that Ann Arbor - it's an amazing place."

Lourdes last year showed that her acting skills already well honed: she played Rizzo in the musical obscene "Grease" , which puts the LaGuardia School in New York.It is a school of performing arts, which is Madonna's daughter graduated this year.

in the program to the statement of Lourdes thanked my mother for "guidance, love and support of her sincere passion."

students in Michigan said that on most weekends Lourdes still goes home to New York, much to the dismay of many young men from the university, who would like to spend time with a cute brunette.

recalled in this connection that about a year Lourdes met with Timothy Shala, a teenager who became famous in the television productions Homeland and who was her classmate at the School of LaGuardia.But it is believed, in the spring of this year, young people fled.

demonstrating brilliance as a singer and actress, Lourdes and stormed the fashion world.Of course, not without the help of the Madonna.

When Lourdes was 13 years old she and Madonna has launched a fashion line for teenagers Material Girl , which is still in demand.

A source said: "Madonna is more than serious about the role of the mother. She calls her children to become individuals, but it has the same concerns that most mothers who are raising teens. She advises not to smoke Lourdes, Madonna hateswhen her daughter does. And she advises not to enter into long-term relationship with the boys. "

Lourdes and her father, Carlos Leon , a Cuban by birth, very friendly.He broke up with Madonna in 1997, just five months after the birth of her daughter, but no animosity between them has never been.Carlos and Lourdes regularly dine together in Manhattan, as well as enjoying a family holiday in the community of Madonna.

"I - sniskhoditeleny dad. Maybe I'm a bad father, when it comes to discipline," - says Carlos.

And when he was asked how he felt about the fact that Lourdes meets a boy, he replied: "I am very afraid of this, because she's my little girl. I want it to remain eternally young. Obviously I am afraid toobut when the time comes, I'll be ready to talk with a guy she invited to the house. "

Photo source: Sun