International Labour Organization - the guarantor of compliance with labor relations

labor relations occupy a leading position in modern industry.Bangs is one of the most important resources.Many, of course, may disagree with this statement, but only a man can ensure the development and stable growth also depends on it, and the future of the state.

Everyone has the right to work to support themselves and their families, but often in undertakings or any company subject to special requirements that a person must be subordinated.Every year, these demands will only increase, because in today's world, only those who can constantly develop their business and produce goods and services of the highest quality, able to consistently replenish your experience.

However, human rights must be respected scrupulously.This, of course, applies to employment and work rights.The employer must provide the necessary conditions for carrying out all activities.

There are certain situations where a person can not cope with some problems.To find ways to effectively resolve the conflict, there are organizations such as trade unions, various committees and so on.However, the reality is somewhat different from what we are accustomed to imagine.

can say that the International Labour Organization performs the same tasks that were assigned to her UN.


The establishment of such an organization emerged in the early 20th century.After the conclusion of the Treaty of Versailles, it was decided to organize another division of the League of Nations, which would enforces labor contracts and would protect the rights of working people.This happened in 1919.

Later, many countries have begun to support this idea, and the International Labour Organization began to gain more and more popularity.In 1934, the organization expanded at the expense of entry to the United States and the Soviet Union.International Labour Organization maintained the continuity of their work, even during the Second World War, it is true then had to move headquarters to Canada.

Thus, the ILO can be considered one of the most popular and oldest international organizations, which for several decades has been operating without interruption.

ILO in today's world

main goal of the ILO today is to control the execution of contracts of employment, as the organization promotes the socio-economic growth and progress.However, she is constantly fighting for better working conditions and welfare of the people.

main instrument is the Convention of the International Labour Organization.This document, which is of great importance.It's kind of an agreement between the states in which they are obliged to strictly observe the implementation of universally accepted rules on labor relations.

However, do not confuse a few things, because the essence of the organization of labor not only in forcing employers to improve working conditions and raise wages, but to create the conditions in which the employer will not be too expensive to provide these improvements.

In this case, we are talking about a targeted policy that affects the entire economy, not just for individual states or enterprises.ILO members are constantly being developed various programs that help solve some social issues.Also, the International Labour Organization assists countries in the fight against unemployment, etc.

Methods of achieving the result may be different.As a rule, the International Labour Organization is trying to establish a partnership of some states that may assist, develop a variety of programs and monitor their implementation, as well as trying to establish effective cooperation with government employers and workers.