Some recommendations on how to take the "Trustee Payment" to "Beeline"

Quite often there are situations when you need to make an urgent phone call, and not enough money in the account.What to do in such a situation?Cellular operators have found a way out, and the company "Beeline" offers the service "Trustee Payment".What is it, and most importantly, how to take confidence in the payment "Beeline"?

¬ęTrustee payment" - is a special service that allows subscribers to "Beeline" talk on the phone in the loan, and you will always be connected, even if on the balance sheet you have zero.You do not know how to take the "Trustee Payment" to "Beeline"?Everything is very simple.We must go to the nearest office of the company and employees with pleasure will connect you to the service.If you're away from the structural unit of the above mobile operator, it is enough on your phone to dial the command * 141 * 0 # and the call key, and pretty soon your balance is filled up to a certain amount, the amount of which is calculated automatically, based on your daily expensesfor mobile services.

Those interested in how to take the "Trustee Payment" to "Beeline", should be aware that this service is subject to certain conditions.Firstly, you must be a subscriber of the company at least 90 days.Second, in the last quarter of every month you have to spend on mobile services in the amount of not less than 50 rubles.

Entities interested in the question of how to take the "Trustee Payment" to "Beeline", should know that the connection they must be subscribed to other services: "My company" and "Corporate prepayment."Furthermore, their number should not be locked.

It should be emphasized that the term of service is 3 days, and roaming - 7 days.The price of each loan is defined in 7 rubles.

Learn interesting information about how to get the promised payment on the "Beeline", can be in any office of the operator or at the information desk.

It should be noted that the service "Trustee Payment" applies to cases where the size of the cash balance does not exceed a specific amount, it is determined depending on how much the subscriber spends on cellular services.

If you prefer as a telecom operator "Beeline", the payment of this kind - your service, because it is a kind of sign of respect from the company.

choosing the above services, you automatically become a confidant of the "Beeline" and can enjoy a minute of conversation on credit, making phone calls when necessary.On the balance of your phone will always be money, which makes it possible to communicate with family, friends and business associates.All you need to do - is to be a subscriber of "Beeline" certain amount of time.

Among other things, the company's employees have provided the bonuses for regular users of the service "Trustee Payment".In particular, if the subscriber over the past months has spent more than 50 rubles, he charged the amount of the loan is greater than the standard 30 rubles, that in three days you can use.