Magic and Mystery in Hollywood

Hollywood stars often have not only the acting talent, but also mystical powers.They perform rituals of black and white magic, shamans learn and know how to look to stop the bleeding.Some are even able to subdue wild animals, and even hypnotize a tax inspector.

Few people know, but John Travolta started work in Hollywood as a psychic by laying on of hands removing migraine and stress, stopping bleeding and one eye taming wild mustangs, which are ready to shoot.His best friends were the leopards, angry dogs, wolves, wild boars and fierce panther.Somehow he managed to warm the young lioness different unbridled temper, which has ceased to throw at the actors.

Pretty Michelle Pfeiffer, start making a cashier in a supermarket, correctly calculated the fans quietly sneak something from the counter.One girl turned on the alarm a few minutes earlier than the robbers pulled out guns.Later, Michelle could not explain to the police how she was able to unravel the intentions of criminals and thus prevent a robbery.

- My friends think I'm almost witch - says Pfeiffer.- In fact, I can use all five senses plus intuition.And the intuition - the daughter of the information.If a rogue, for example, wants to lie or steal, he starts sweating heavily and his eyes shoot around.

winner demonic look in Hollywood believe Robert De Niro.
- I have noticed - he says - that I can easily manage to convince any interlocutor, fall in love with almost everyone he met, and to win the most pernicious of the tax inspectors.

One of the most superstitious actor Omar Sharif says that for a successful artistic career is needed on the growing moon to light 12 candles of yellow around standing on the window with a bowl of water and read the Arabic verses from the Koran or the Bible psalms intoned (native language).This crescent must necessarily be reflected in a bowl.

was fond of black magic Cher told me that, in order to become famous on stage, you need a language of vociferous Kenar put in a lace handkerchief and quietly hung on the highest tree in the neighborhood.Read related spell, it is necessary again to urinate discreetly under a tree and leave immediately.

Madonna - another secret.At the beginning of its activities in show business, she bought an old Indian shaman ceramic figurine of a nightingale, which still does not leave.

- Nobody can hurt me, - says the singer.- However, the mascot can not give anyone up, otherwise leave the success of its owner.

But no one bears as amulets and charms, like Whitney Houston.Once one of the concerts she stumbled behind the scenes, then it rained every trash bags: rat paw, a bunch of dry grass, snake skin, shark tooth and rusty nails.Most of the singer is afraid of the evil eye of envy - that resorted to magic.

Author: Alexander Zotov.

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