How to improve vision in myopia: Nothing is impossible

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Today, when vision problems exist in almost thirty percent of the world population, the question of how to improve vision in myopia worries many.Of course, there are fundamental methods of operations.Or abnormalities can be compensated by using lenses or glasses.But if you know how to improve vision at home, is not it better to try to take advantage of this?Perhaps the result will justify the time and effort spent.Why, knowing that exercise can improve their figure, endurance, health, people do not want to learn the skills of how to improve vision with myopia, using similar methods, but to the eye.Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that this body is perceived by the man as a very complex device that can not be set up.

However, it is not.There are a number of exercises, by means of which it is possible not only to preserve vision, but also to improve it.And if at the same time to make certain adjustments in their behavior, diet, and limit alcohol, the obtained results may eventually even surprise the person with myopia.However, studying the possibilities to improve vision in myopia, it should be understood that the process of bringing back to normal view, rather laborious and lengthy.Usually, doctors recommend the use of nine simple exercises.For those who want to learn how to improve vision in myopia, they are listed below.

first - frequent blinking for a minute.Exercise is recommended to be repeated several times with small intervals.The second - a strong zazhmurivanie to five seconds (8 times), in between the eyes kept open.Third - the concentration of view on the finger arm followed by slow its approach to face (6 times).Fourth - pressing three fingers on the upper eyelid for 1-2 seconds (3-4 times with each hand to the appropriate eye).The fifth exercise is performed 8-10 times, its essence lies in the movement of the skin using a brow muscles.This can help with your fingers, and try to keep the eyelids closed.The sixth exercise doing 8-10 times.To do this, three fingers are placed uniformly on the outer corner of the eye to the inside and make the same movement as in the previous exercise.When the seventh is slow moving your eyes from the ceiling to the floor and vice versa.The head can not move, the number of repetitions - 8-12 times.The eighth exercise make up to six times (at least four).This made uniform, slow eye movements in a circle, first one and then the other side.The ninth is required for prodelyvat ten to twelve times.This hand is moved to the right, it leads to a crouching position.Then slowly begin to move your finger from right to left.At this time, it is necessary to focus the eyes to watch him, to fix on one place down.

As a result, we can say that if people start to wonder: "How to improve your sight?"- Myopia ceases to be something permanent and inevitable.The main thing is to make the first step, to steel himself and begin to systematically train the eye.