AppGlobal: reviews about franchise

number of mobile phone users in the operating systems Android, iOS and Windows Phone is growing every day.People are realizing that using a smartphone they gain access to unlimited information: can schedule your day, keep accounts, have fun browsing media content, to install useful programs and games.Due to this, the creation and promotion of applications for mobile devices can be considered a promising area, which already operates a large number of people.

Mobile Applications - a new promising niche

all due to the way smartphones are arranged.The person conducting your phone with the main part of the day, in fact, is within the reach of the application that is on his device.For example, he sees the alert on this or that program, can go into it using the icon on the desktop and, accordingly, become familiar with its contents.With this in mind, the developers conduct a real war for smartphones and tablets ordinary users.After all, in fact, with today's technology can not only produce entertainment programs or games and earn on advertising in them, but also to offer their services to customers, products, collect feedback from them and so on.Mobile applications can be a powerful engine of any business.

How to promote products through the app?

actually ways in which to attract new customers for their business, using their mobile phones, there are many.For example, you can organize the output prices for its products to customers in a convenient form, or hold interactive events, competitions, any organized distribution and so on.How to convince a person to install your application on your phone, and what to do with it - depends on the imagination of your marketing.And, of course, the basis of all this is the program in its technical sense.

create their applications AppGlobal

There are several ways to create an application.It can be developed from scratch, can be ordered from the studio, or create, using the ready-made designers.The first two methods are costly in time and resources while the third one involves the presence of a special software.The proliferation of such deals AppGlobal.Reviews of customers indicate that the company offers licenses to a special constructor which allows to facilitate and accelerate the development of business applications.With the power of the platform, anyone can start a business dedicated to the creation of custom applications.Thus, you can offer to entrepreneurs and companies from the city high-quality mobile applications without hiring programmers or learning the basics of creating programs.

As stated on the website AppGlobal (reviews confirm this), the company operates on a franchise basis.This means that the license available for a fee.Making it necessary to regularly, and the meaning of the whole business is that the value of the franchise will be less than the price of your services to their final customers - business owners who have ordered the application.In addition, you will make a profit at the expense of the number of orders: the more customers will find the more profitable will be cooperation.

Terms franchise

course, access is provided to the designer is not free.Its cost depends on which package is purchased by the customer.There are only two tariffs, the difference between them lies in the number of licenses (applications that can be published).First, the cost of 59 thousand rubles, includes 30 licenses and subsequent monthly payments of $ 11 million.The second package - is unlimited tariff value of 119 thousand, monthly payments for which are 45 thousand rubles.It is noteworthy that the monthly fee starts to accrue only 90 days after purchase.

In addition to the partner who has bought the franchise, provides access to the main constructor, there are other possibilities of AppGlobal.Reviews show that this training to work on the site, a variety of promotional materials to attract new participants, templates for sites and so on.That is, the company offers not just access, but also some assistance in starting their own business on mobile applications.This distinct advantage AppGlobal.Reviews franchise show that it greatly simplifies the start of the client.


Of course, the mobile application market is currently in the bud.You can take as an example the Western business model, where many shops have their own program and the list of prices of goods, adapted to run on iOS- or Android-smartphone.That, of course, can not be said about our domestic realities.This shows that, most likely, after 5 years we are waiting for the same thing.

Therefore, for some it's a real chance to organize their companies using this application builder.Reviews AppGlobal are a reliable partner and generally praise.Therefore, worry about what you "throw" immediately after purchase licenses on hand, do not.Support is strong enough.

How to save?

Despite the fact that about AppGlobal reviews mostly positive, we should note one important nuance.The company is not the author of the designer, which she sells.If you look carefully, you can find information about what they just resell the product of a foreign company BiznessApps.Just a little finished the service to be adapted to the realities of domestic and translated.

And, we should recognize did it pretty well.But many people can not arrange the price for a license of the AppGlobal.Reviews resellers show that the company is simply outbids have access BiznessApps and sells at a higher price, due to what the final cost of each application increases.

To avoid this, there is one simple advice - contact directly BiznessApps.The downside is the lack of designer of the Russian language and possible difficulties with the transfer of funds (although this is not as significant a problem).But their services are worth only 59 dollars a month (about 3,400 rubles).Thus, you can save by not overpaying reseller who is AppGlobal.Reviews of companies from those who are already working with foreign developers, directly indicate that their constructor is not inferior to domestic counterparts.