How to open a business franchise Zara

If you are thinking about starting a business, but you do not have the experience of doing it, then the best way is to purchase a franchise.Buying a franchise from the Spanish company ZARA, you get a ready-made business idea to sell clothing for all age groups from Spanish producers.The boutiques can be found ZARA garments, and young girls and elderly women, and it is all made of natural materials.

The history of the world-famous brand ZARA

first small boutique opened in 1975 in the town of La Cutugno founder Ortega.He was a tailor, and his idea of ​​creating a production lay in plain sight: his girlfriend liked luxurious robe that he could not buy it.He made an exact copy of the model and gave it to the bride.But with this easy solution and began the ascent of Olympus legislators casual clothing for all ages.The company has reduced the period from design to implementation to just 2 weeks, so a year produces 20 collections development that under the force of each company.Now you can become a part of us, because there is a franchise Zara, you can easily open a business franchise.

What does the franchise from the company Zara?

Franchise - is able to work under the name of well-known brand, the creator of the idea of ​​renting business development, and ultimately earn their own money.

ZARA company provides its associates fairly favorable conditions for cooperation:

  • use its brand as the most profitable in terms of starting a business;
  • Consulting at the beginning of work and doing business;
  • Leasing on favorable terms of trade equipment;
  • analysis of consumer demand in the region trade;
  • Allows you to set the margin on products to 600%.

Zara franchise can be purchased for different terms of trade:

  • to open an online store will require about 8 thousand. $;
  • If you want to open a studio with the possibility of realization, you have to make for the franchise about 30 thousand. $;
  • If you want to monopolize the business in any particular city, you will have to pay an additional 90 thousand. $.

But the owner of the franchise, and makes implementation of strict rules: for a simple purchase of a boutique commodity groups should be in the range of 30 thousand., And for online store must post the application for entry of goods at least 10 thous. $.

The company ZARA can redeem 2 types of franchises: Zara City and Zara Home:

  • Zara City is a shop where you can trade in goods and Zara group, and other fashionable European brands.Here, the buyer can visually assess the quality and value of the products Zara and European manufacturers: clothes from Zara very high quality, but its cost is much lower than that of other manufacturers.
  • ZARA Home - a new line of stores where you can buy only home accessories.For example, Zara offers a wide range of door handles, bed linen or the author made pots.Also offers a variety of unusual rugs for the bathroom, and the other necessary things in every home.

start business with an unknown company - troublesome, and operate under well-known brand around the world - it means to quickly recoup the money and start making a lot more.