Why dream of camels and horses?

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Not everyone can boast a deep knowledge of the occult and astrology.But to know the future through dreams can any.Today we'll talk about what dreaming camels, and discuss what means this character trying to alert us to the fate and tell you about the dreams associated with horses.

sonnik psychologists

Job Miller:

  • These animals foreshadow a chain of happy events.Moreover, you will be able to correct the mistakes made in the recent past.
  • Being the owner of humpback - you can safely take on the most complex cases, in all your endeavors you will succeed.
  • See caravan in the desert - was significant help from outside.
  • Camel dream promises a sick person quick and full recovery.

forecast psychologist Sigmund Freud:

  • Camel dream speaks of effortless ability to translate plans into reality.
  • Being close to these animals - in life you will meet a man who will surprise with their energy and strength.
  • touch or stroking camel - soon you will have sex.Partner will amaze you with activity and skill.

Do you know what dreams camels on the theory Tsvetkova?According to the interpreter of the "ship of the desert" stands as a symbol of failure and frustration.Another thing - the horse.So what does this say about dream interpretation dreamed up in the night dreams handsome noble steeds?

  • seen a horse in his sleep - then you are big hopes.
  • gets off the animal - to lose its position in the professional sphere.
  • Ride the horse - to the realization of the dream.
  • White mare - for men is a cause for sadness, but for women - close to marriage.

sonnik different nations

Ukrainian interpretation:

  • camel predicts serious but stable and long life.
  • riding on an animal - you will be an interesting and exciting journey.

French explanation:

  • Camel dream warns that the next few weeks is to spend modestly and quietly.
  • Being close to animals - can rely on robust shoulders of friends.
  • See humpback afar - slow but steady progress toward the goal.

English dream book:

  • see the animals from far away - soon on your share will drop a heavy burden, but all the problems can be overcome by stubbornness and efforts.
  • What a dream to ride a camel?This dream says that the issues that concern you now, soon will seem insignificant.
  • Ride on a horse exactly - easily and smoothly to achieve this goal.
  • Sitting astride the animal and go bad - soon there will be problems.
  • Travel alone - the desire to solve the case on their own.
  • riding group - the desire to work in a team.
  • cloven-hoofed animals running away from you - there is a risk of losing a good opportunity.
  • Running horse for you - good prospects for making dreams come true.

Islamic theory

is the most interesting, as the camel for the peoples of Arabia - a traditional pet, similar in meaning and function of the European horses.So, what dreams camel?

  • runs for me (ie. E. For the dreamer) - know luck haunts the sleep, one has only to look at the possibility.
  • Sitting on the camel case - to travel.
  • possess a caravan - suddenly become rich or get new powers.
  • animal come to you in a dream - beware of situations that can lead to trouble.
  • in your town or village came camels - soon the population will suffer from mass diseases.

Dreams kings and emperors

works of Persian seer Taflisy:

  • Ride a camel riding - receive an invitation to travel.
  • Sitting astride the young animals - there are reasons for sadness.
  • Defiant hunchback in illusions - in reality you defeat a strong and dangerous opponent.
  • Why dream of camels in the desert?To grow in their careers and increase in financial income.
  • Animal rolls on the ground - a disturbing and sad thoughts.
  • get lost with artiodactyl - you ignore the important issues.This leads to problems, and to overcome these later will be impossible.
  • Camel runs for you - will soon possess the heart sad.
  • Pull pet leash - wards to cause problems.
  • Humpback turns - your heart flood the sadness.
  • struggle with these animals in a dream - to disputes in reality.
  • Wounded camel bleeding - the dream promises a loss of status or large financial expenses.
  • To see a female with a cub - will soon realize your wishes.
  • And what a camel dream woman?It can predict a successful marriage with a loved one.
  • In the dream, the animal gives birth - in your family will soon appear infants.

Dreams Prince and politics Zhou Gouna

  • See humpbacked animal - to get an attractive business proposition.
  • dream horse prances in front of the oak - to know a lot of trouble that disturbs you, will soon be resolved.
  • Go to the top of the animal - a great happiness, a symbol of success.
  • rejoice that you sit in the saddle - wait failures.
  • laps on a horse - is to do the paperwork.
  • animal comes into the room - you need to pay attention to your love life on the side.
  • Caravan carries goods - trouble at work, the possibility of dismissal.
  • What dream camels and horses that come to your house?This story - a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
  • clean up after the steed and let him free - to the great joy.
  • Near runs a herd - a dream promises a solution to all difficult cases.
  • thief escapes on horseback - you avoid the danger.
  • riding on a white steed - seriously ill.
  • mare bitten you - change for the better in the professional sphere.

Catherine the Great and her dream book

  • dromedary - a sign that all the good will return to you a hundredfold.
  • look at the animal - one of the envious wish you evil.Perhaps he will realize the plans into reality.
  • lovers dream hunchbacked man - his family life is cloudless.
  • Sitting astride a camel or horse - wait for prosperity and success in one area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife.
  • animal trying to lose a rider - you are waiting for the obstacles.
  • horses harnessed to the carriage - road to dream will not be easy.
  • stallions graze in the meadow - in your power alone unite talented, kind and clever people.
  • Racehorse almost fell - be careful, one wrong move can lead to poverty.
  • Seeing a dead horse - on the doorstep waiting for bad news.
  • on animals Climb over the river - ahead of the final test, followed by the long-awaited happiness.The water in the creek dirty and muddy - enjoy the victory prevent bad events.
  • Why dream of sheep on a camel?This means that the success of prevent the native people, who do not share your aspirations and hopes.

  • harnessed horse - solutions to complex situations entirely up to you.
  • shod animals - things will be repaid, but maybe that will lead you to the goal unclean methods.
  • care for steed - if your intentions are sincere and kind, and the ardor of the strong - you will achieve great success.
  • see that horse sold - the situation will require your intervention, but the risk will be justified, and you stay in the winners.
  • animal was reared - wait for a scandal or controversy.

Dreams Traveler authored psychologist Terence Smirnova

What dream camels, according to the author of this collection?

  • illusion reflects the hard work and skill of the person to whom a dream.
  • riding on an animal - have the opportunity to discover their extraordinary magical abilities.
  • See caravan - get considerable wealth, weighty material support.
  • horse in a dream symbolizes the vitality of a man who is asleep.The beautiful and healthy animal, the better the prospects for the future.
  • White horse foretells love wedding bachelor.
  • Herd promises high consumption power.
  • dead horse - it's time to change their place of residence.
  • winged horse - the symbol of prosperity and creativity extreme luck.

Interpretation magicians

witch Medea has its own point of view about that, what dream camels.

  • man takes a lot of work, which he can not afford to perform.Because of this, problems arise.
  • Just seeing an animal - a lot of challenges.
  • Riding on the humpback - soon you will find prosperity and well-being.

Dreams visionary Miss Hasse:

  • humpback animal - a symbol of the heavy and extraordinary life.
  • Seeing a camel - in the life of the dreamer waiting for a lot of difficult situations.
  • Animals scatter in different directions - expect trouble.
  • horse rears - someone asks you protection.
  • Own herd or caravan - a symbol of prosperity.
  • ride - to get a high position or a new professional opportunities.
  • animals are very thin and weak - you expect difficult stage in life.
  • Seeing harness horse - to the loss of a loved one.

Interpretation of Dreams from the apostle Simon the Zealot

  • Seeing a camel - help someone unselfishly.
  • Being close to animals - the difficulties and disorders in life.
  • Eating meat humpback - long-term and complex disease.
  • Seeing the horse - to the deterioration of health.
  • ride on some animals - get a raise at work.
  • Artiodactyls grazing or drinking water - reduce anxiety and feelings.
  • Animal bad and ugly - heavy later in life.
  • Beautiful horse or camel - for single people symbol of a successful marriage.


Horoscopes Dream Book of the XXI century as answers to the question: "What dream camel?"

  • In the dream, see or stroking the animal - so you expect a fascinating journey or a successful business deal.
  • Sitting on the camel case - shoulder the burden of someone else's responsibility to do the work of others.
  • Dead camel - some events will hinder you to go further.
  • kill an animal - a fun time to live, and without hassle.
  • See humpback that carry heavy bags - to receive remuneration for work.
  • Buy a camel in a dream - a successful business or casual income.
  • Seeing a horse - you lie.
  • Buy a horse - the establishment of family relationships.
  • herd of horses - a good sign.For women, marriage predicts.

Interpretation scientist Vladislav Kopalinskogo:

  • See hunchback - not to avoid heavy breaking work.
  • Black camel symbolizes the terrible blow.Perhaps soon you will encounter unexpected loss, death of a loved one.

Value images

Most interpretations are offered by experts (Certified by scientists to unique mediums), say that such images as camels and horses, mostly symbolize the creator himself sleep.Condition, appearance and behavior of the animal - a reflection of the man.Remembering the details, you can easily solve the emotional state of sleep.Often such dreams help not only to understand themselves, but also to make the right choice.

dream can be interpreted by age, sex, profession, man.Why dream of a camel girl?Most often, this suggests cardiac problems and its relation to the situation in which she came.Healthy and beautiful animal - a symbol of the success of her feelings.Unpleasant events in dreams should be alert and cautious to adjust.

male camel and horse - a symbol of the career.Problems in sleep lead to trouble at work.Women are a way to tell about the atmosphere that prevails in the family.Children who see such dreams, must consider their behavior in school and with friends.