Causes of back pain in men.

discomfort in the back area familiar to almost every one of us.Suffice it to sit for a short time or work in awkward positions that were pain in the lumbar region.

pain below the waist in men often have their base and can serve as a first signal the beginning of a serious illness to be treated.Answer specialist Following the diagnosis to the question why there are such a pain - the first step to a productive treatment.

Pain in the spine - what is it?

pain in the lumbosacral region may occur throughout life in about 75% of all inhabitants of the globe.Moreover, the average age of disease is reduced every year, and currently stands at 40-45.In medical practice there are cases of complaints from adolescents and even children, lumbar muscle ache.

lumbago, low back pain, sciatica often cause temporary loss of people of working.They affect the state of the spine in general, and can be localized in any part of the human body.

Why is there pain?

Permanent chronic or acute pain occurs suddenly - a consequence of different diseases that can occur in both men and women.In some cases, the pain in the area of ​​the spine can be a sign of stress, obesity and mental disorders.

pain in the sacrum and lower back men develop:

  • when bone pathology;
  • various changes in periarticular tissues, muscles, nerve trunks;
  • violations in the joint of the spine.

also a prerequisite for the development of pain in the back is a sedentary lifestyle.Long immobility leads to a decrease in the stability of the waist.

Causes of back pain in men

pain in the lumbosacral region are currently considered the most common syndrome among a strong half of mankind.These problems are connected with a constant load on the spine, with sedentary work, or, conversely, heavy physical labor.

reasons for pain in men following:

  • overweight;
  • long stay at the wheel or working at the computer;
  • perform sedentary (office workers) or standing (sellers, hairdressers) work;
  • various injuries and unprepared movement;
  • work, which is associated with a permanent physical labor;
  • power loads at the gym;
  • long stay and work in the cold or drafty.

If a man sore lower back, the doctor can diagnose the onset of the disease.

diseases causing back pain

give examples of the most common diseases that cause pain in the back:

  • tension - the cause of this condition may be lifting weights or weakness lat;
  • protrusion - protrusion of the intervertebral disc, which is why they begin to put pressure on the nerve roots (this pathology occurs only in enhanced physical activity);
  • metastasis - spread of malignant tumors of the male genital organs, often occurs in men over 50 years;
  • fracture happens after falling from a great height or strong impact, resulting in a region of the back, the most serious injury - a fracture of the spine,
  • pinching of the nerve roots in the intervertebral canal;
  • pain in the lower back that give away can be a sign of diseases of the prostate, kidney, liver, or stomach;
  • ankylosing spondylitis marked decrease in mobility (especially in the morning) and the volume of the chest when breathing, stimulates spinal curvature in the chest;
  • osteomyelitis - constant pain in the back;
  • degenerative changes in the lumbar vertebrae in the future lead to a widening of the bone;
  • spinal tumors have neurological symptoms.

almost always pain, which are located in the back are the body's response to abnormal processes in it.


Doctors often hear at the reception of patients' back pain in the lower back, what to do? ".As we have mentioned, there are many different causes that lead to pain in the lower back.Therefore, the differential diagnosis of diseases that have similar symptoms, we provide additional medical research:

  • computed tomography detects changes in the spine and surrounding tissues, which may be associated with injuries, fractures, tumors, infections;
  • x-ray is performed for the diagnosis of degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, vertebral defects, detects the presence of malignant tumors, osteomyelitis, pathology in the vertebrae;
  • magnetic resonance imaging makes it possible to assess the condition of the spinal cord and determine the cause of back pain;
  • myelography performed for the detection of pathological processes in the muscles and for the study of the spinal cord, to contrast it introduced xenon, and then carry out a survey (if primary data clearly reflect the situation, conduct radionuclide scanning).

reasons for pain in men are varied, but do not need to start performing diagnostics with X-ray examination and CT due to the insecurity of these methods.They are made only when there is a suspected fracture of the spine.

In addition to conducting these investigations doctor conducts a preliminary diagnosis of the patient:

  • medical history - ask questions about the beginning and the features of the disease;
  • general inspection - visual inspection and palpation of the spine, the definition of mobility;
  • analysis of complaints - what kinds of pain are as often there, where the back;
  • blood and urine tests to detect kidney disease or inflammatory processes in the body.

For a more complete examination of the patient is sent for consultation to other doctors: rheumatologist, orthopedist, neurologist.Primary information on back pain can be used in describing the pain at the doctor-neuropathologist.


Causes of back pain in men - of peripheral nerve endings that possess sensitive and motor fibers.This means that the painful symptoms are accompanied by dysfunction, which regulates movement, t. E. The pain and impaired mobility are interlinked.

symptoms that are characteristic of lower back pain, divided depending on the cause:

  • stretching - are characterized by spasms, inhibit muscle movement in the lumbar, radiating to the lower body;
  • damage to the nerve roots - the pain spreads to the legs (sometimes two), there is numbness, tingling presence (when coughing or sneezing pain becomes stronger);
  • different disease - osteochondrosis, radiculitis painful manifestations grow slowly for a long time can not pass.

It is necessary to remember: If the back hurts more than 3 days, it could set a doctor, so to delay treatment in a medical institution should not be.

back pain in men the right indicates the presence of disease in the locomotor system or diseases of the internal organs located in this area.

Types of pain in the lumbar region

intensity of pain symptoms can be seen in the study:

  • skin - sweating is clearly visible;
  • heart - learning heartbeat;
  • fever - fever;
  • eyes - dilated pupils.

By its disposition pain can be:

  • local - the source is located in the lumbar region;
  • reflection - a pathological symptom of pain begins far from the painful place;
  • radiate - pain impulse goes to the back of the branches of nerves.

Actions for low back pain

You often back pain in the lower back?What can I do to improve?

1. If the causes of the pain is unknown, it is necessary to measure the temperature to detect infection, inflammation, to determine the presence of accompanying disease symptoms: vomiting, stomach upset.Call your doctor to determine the cause of back pain in men.

2. If you have a bruise, stretching to take anti-inflammatory drugs that help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.To reduce swelling and increase circulation of the fluid in the injury site to take a diuretic.Drag the area of ​​the back to lock.Get expert advice.

the presence of pain should see a doctor in the following cases:

  • presence of cancer;
  • pain has been before;
  • combination of pain with urinary and fecal incontinence;
  • duration of more than 3 days;
  • pain is the result of trauma;
  • intense weight loss.

Backaches men: treatment

Once the diagnosis is delivered, the patient is prescribed medicines (pills, injections) to help reduce pain, restore nerve tissue and blood circulation.Also relieves conducting local treatment (warming, analgesic and anti-inflammatory gels, ointments).

Surgical intervention is required, such as herniated disc as a consequence of degenerative disc disease.Or the presence of purulent focus in the spine.

In some cases, the patient will be advised to wearing a corset (brace) to reduce the load on the spine.After the disappearance of episodes of acute pain the patient will be assigned to physical therapy, physiotherapy or massage.

Most people starting treatment, feel better within a week.After 5-6 weeks of pain completely disappear.


Warning To prevent back pain need:

  • carry out treatment of the underlying disease;
  • eliminate injury, hypothermia, physical overload;
  • have good posture;
  • avoid the appearance of excess weight;
  • Exercise regularly to strengthen the muscles of the back;
  • properly equip working, sleeping, to ensure a proper position of the spine in which the bending occurs.

We must remember that if there were pains in the back, can reveal the cause of a doctor.Entrust your health specialist, and all problems will be solved.