How is made cabinet furniture

When something happens to each of us to deal with the acquisition of various furniture.In this review I will show you how the furniture is made.
production of various furniture, be it a bedroom, living room, kitchen, closet, a complex process that does not exclude the selection of design, materials and processes, and the choice of accessories.
Once all of this we have decided, we can see, but what is next.
main material for the production of any of furniture will be a laminated particle board (chipboard plate).Then
project developed circuit cut and chipboard cut into parts.This is perhaps the most crucial moment in the course of manufacture of furniture products.The quality of the cut largely depend on the quality and manufactured furniture.
third step in the production of your furniture will be processing the side surfaces of the article.For this purpose there can be various methods.For the best quality of furniture products use plastic edge (ABS or PVC).For gluing it is necessary to have at its disposal enough sophisticated equipment.

For furniture cheaper melamine used (paper) edge, the one you can stick an ordinary iron in each barn.
After these operations applied marking and drilling holes in detail.For large companies, this is accomplished filler and drilling machines.In garages hand drill.
Now just screw the casing and hang the door.Install the necessary hardware.And our case furniture is ready for use.

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