The contract for gratuitous use of premises

Treaty gratuitous use of premises is one of the main acts, which is the basis for the relevant government agencies to carry out the procedure of registration or permanent registration of a person who is a citizen of the Russian Federation, in the given area.This agreement may be concluded only with the direct owner of the apartment.The agreement may be signed as the person representing the interests of the owner.This must provide a power of attorney, certified by a notary, who confirmed his authority.

contract of uncompensated use of residential premises can be signed for a certain term.Can it also be of unlimited duration.The period of the agreement prescribed directly in one of his points.

Treaty gratuitous use of premises, a sample of which can be found on the Internet, you can make and myself.At the same time it is indispensable to compliance with certain rules.At the beginning of the agreement should definitely present concluding his part.At the same time the landlord and the tenant must register their passport details, date of birth and the address at which they reside.After that, it is important to mention the fact that both sides are to sign this agreement on a voluntary basis.The contract for gratuitous use of premises shall also include a description and the address of the transferred areas.In cases where an agreement is made only to a specific part of the apartment, you must specify this proportion.Detailing subject area and the address at which it is located.Also, you must specify the owner to exercise the right of ownership of part of the demised.

Treaty gratuitous use of premises shall contain a description of the house in which the apartment is located (private, brick, etc.), as well as indicators pointing to a number of useful and living area.The next item in the agreement shall contain the name of the employer and the purpose for which it draws up the deal.The contract can be made out to the registration or registration.It should also contain a clause an agreement prohibiting the use of the apartment for other destinations.

At the discretion of the tenant and the landlord agreement may contain a paragraph on keeping it clean and use in compliance with the order of Leasable area.You can specify the direction, and that will bear the cost of the transaction, etc.

Treaty on the free use of residential premises is issued in the amount of three pieces.Two of them take each of the parties to sign it.The third remains in the notary's office.You can also assure the contract by putting signature on both sides of its participants.This version is legally valid.

In the case where the landlord is a legal entity, the assurance contract is carried out according to legal acts in two ways.This may be a printing company, owner of the shelter, as well as the signature of the notary.Both options are legitimate and competent in terms of legislation.

issued in the hiring of premises under a contract of his gratuitous use can only be a natural person.The owner is not entitled to enter into such an agreement with various organizations.This is stipulated in the Civil Code, in its first article, six hundred and seventy.Legal entities may sign an agreement on the use of the apartment in the presence of leases or other legal grounds.Moreover, use of this area should be made only for the purpose of residence.The company has the right to transfer the apartment to his employee, signing an agreement with him about hiring or free use.