Shoes Oxford - a new trend

's hot convenient and practical shoes.The trend shoes, oxfords.Let's talk more about this model.Also consider options to combine these shoes with clothing and accessories.

What is it?

Shoes Oxford - a classic model.Why is it so named?The prototype of the shoe served Ankle boots worn by students at Oxford University in the nineteenth century.The distinguishing feature of this model - closed lacing.

Shoes Oxford (female) came later, around the twenties of the twentieth century.At the time, this was considered athletic shoes, since she was no heels.But time passes, everything changes.Therefore Oxfords little "grown up" (three centimeters).Even in the 21st century on the shelves will be a model in high heels (about 7-8 cm).

Terms socks shoe

basic rule of shoes - in any case it is impossible to close the ankle.So do not wear shoes, oxfords with strongly flared trousers.Because fashionable shoes would look awkward.

second rule - shoes must be clean.After all, as said Coco Chanel, a woman must be beautiful two things - hat and shoes.

third rule - to wear this model with evening dresses should be approached very carefully.

fourth - owners of short legs should choose Oxford shoes the color of the pants or tights.You will create a single continuous line up.Then the figure will look slim and gait - flying.


now produces a large number of similar shoes.It is produced both in leather, suede, and from various alternatives.In addition to the monochrome models can be found in striped shoes, leopard, flowered, tiger and others.

From what to wear shoes, oxfords (female)?

There are basic combination.Let's consider them:

• With cropped jeans.For this shoe is free to choose the model and wide.How to choose the top?A good option - fitting top (white or colorful same).

• With tight jeans.Well combined blue jeans with skinny Oxford.Additional image of a free elongated top.Do not forget that the ankle should be visible.If the jeans long, then bend them.

• mini skirts, shorts and short dresses.Shoes Oxford, a photo of which you can see in this article, are perfectly combined with such things.Such combinations are better suited for summer.

• With tights or leggings.Do not be afraid to experiment!Choose any trendy colors.Wearing shoes with Oxford kapron stockings, do not forget to add an image to the ankle socks short.

• Long dresses.If you remember, Oxfords are men's style, so the dress should choose concise.It should not be roses, flounces, lace, frills and other decorative elements.Because otherwise you'll look ridiculous.

• a business suit these shoes look great.Such combinations are considered to be the best.

• With golf.Designers recommend them wearing oxfords.Only need to think carefully about the same way.

• evening dress in futuristic style is also well looked Oxford.But you need to spend a lot of time to pick the perfect outfit.

What image can be created with Oxford?

now consider typical images.Perhaps some will like you and will help create their own, unique.So, let's begin.Popular images:

• «Retro».Black Oxfords and clothes in black and white.This image will bring into your life the era of the twenties of the last century.

• «Country diva."To create an image required oxfords olive, red or cream, as well as things in a rustic style "from my grandmother's trunk."

• «an English lady."In tandem with the men's costume elements (studs, butterflies, and so on. D.) Will look good classic oxfords.

• «British student."To recreate a similar way, you need an unusual or else classic oxfords and plaid skirt.

Conclusion As you can see, Oxford, though shoes are practical, but they can be interesting beat, creating different images using a variety of items of clothing and decor.Now you know how you can wear the shoes are so cute.We hope that these tips will help you create the perfect image.Good luck to you!