Food and your emotions

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Very often, wanting to get rid of painful experiences, we have them literally seized heavy trudnousvoyaemoy food, so-called "food for a good mood."This gives results because of the peculiarities of our nervous system.Our body has a finite amount of nervous energy.

digestion of food and the realization of emotional experiences require so much power that they can not occur simultaneously.

This feature of our nervous system is well illustrated by the funeral, where some grieve so much that they can not eat at all, while others, on the contrary, the table can not stop.

As soon as we turn to a lighter diet - vegetarianism, veganism, and finally, the raw food diet, we tend to become more sensitive.Restricted diet only raw food, we reach for fatty foods to numb feelings, as fresh fruit - are too weak sedatives to relive stress.

Usually this leads to eating inordinate amounts of nuts or seeds that are easy to overeat because they do not cause rapid saturation.The consequences of this are disorders of the digestive system and more suffering.The solution to this problem - not nutrition, and in maintaining emotional balance and ability to withstand development of emotional stress.

have fat there are a few features, due to which distorts our sense of satiety.Firstly, calorie fats are concentrate.Because the amount of food plays a key role in the mechanism of saturation, it is difficult to eat enough fatty foods to feel full and not feel bad.

Secondly, the brain continuously monitors blood sugar levels to control the mechanism of hunger.When blood sugar increases, decreases hunger.Mechanism starvation can not quickly respond to the fat in the blood, and even if it occurs, the fat from the food into the bloodstream through the relatively long time period - from twelve to twenty four hours from the time of ingestion.Even if you eat a plate full of greasy food, you do not feel full.Surely you want to eat a sweet dessert at the end of the meal, to finally quench the appetite.

notion that fatty foods saturates simply false.

We have said that the key to good nutrition - eating to saturation while consuming the required amount of calories - is to have large amounts of nutrient-dense foods that are rich in simple carbohydrates.

What foods should prevail?The human body is adapted to a particular type of food.You can eat a variety of foods, but not all of them can equally easily satisfy the needs of our body.

example, lettuce is very nutritious in terms of the content of trace elements, but the capacity of our digestive system is not enough to eat as a salad, to meet our needs in calories.(Head weight 10 oz contains 50 calories, so to obtain 2,000 calories would have to have 40 bits per day).

On the other hand, the entire amount of trace elements satisfying our daily needs, can fit in a small tablet (Of course, carbohydrates, fiber and protein will not take a tablet).If you eat this pill, you still feel terrible famine because of its small size.

appease hunger can only consume large amounts of food.

How to get the amount of nutrients and simple sugars at the same time?There are sweet fruits.Due to the high water content and fiber fruit have lower energy density than any other food, except vegetables.Hence, we can meet their caloric needs without exceeding them, following his natural desire to eat large amounts of food.Large volume, low concentration of calories and an abundance of nutrients, including ordinary sugar, sweet fruits make a perfect food for saturation.

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