"Orchid" - tattoos for women

Orchid - tattoo, which gained immense popularity among fans of the drawings on the body.Of course, that particular demand a flower at women who have a sophisticated harmony and femininity.Sketches orchids are large enough to look beautiful on the body, and on foot, and the forearm is better to put a little sprig of orchid.

In the world today there are so many species of this flower.They differ not only in color but also in form.Regardless of this, they are an indescribable beauty.It can rightly be called the most amazing orchid flower on earth.Since ancient times, this plant is embodied beauty of a woman, her sexuality and, of course, tender.

What areas of the body is decorated with "Orchid"?Tattoos often stuffed his feet.It can also be seen on other locations in the body.There are a variety of options drawings.There are those who will look perfect on your back or chest.Sometimes an orchid with a few buds combined with other elements, such as birds, butterflies, animals and insects.

Tattoo "Orchid": the importance of drawing

pushing a similar pattern in different ways.In China, it symbolizes the perfection of man.In the East, this tattoo is a symbol of wealth and luxury, and Vietnam - spring and youth.

For a woman, this plant is a talisman that protects its owner.Orchid on the girl's body is her innocence, tenderness and sexuality.

If we consider the meaning of the tattoo in the relationship between partners, it is a symbol of harmony and of affection and intimacy.Orchid - tattoo, which, irrespective of the type of drawing and the application site is erotic allusion.

Europeans believe that this figure is the symbol of friendliness and exhaustion conflicts.It is also believed that the orchid brings creative energy.

color and meaning tattoo

an important role in the treatment of the figure is its shade.For example, a pale pink and white flowers are a sign of sexuality, and the blue is a symbol of eternity.Variegated colors are a sign of passion together with desire.

And what are the most popular orchid color?Most often, women are choosing shades of pink, yellow, purple and red.Effectively looks black orchid, and dark skin looks good brown or red light is on - pink.In the hands of the best to do a tattoo with the image of this flower using blue, yellow and pink tones.


Orchid - tattoo that looks wonderful on the female body.It gives the possessor touch of tenderness and sexuality.In addition, as stated above, it is her talisman.