We understand with how to transfer money to WebMoney phone

For many Internet users sooner or later, the question arises of how to use electronic money.But it's incredibly convenient.It is easier and safer to pay in shops, you can easily transfer the money to the phone, send a gift to a friend in which country he would have been no.In general, if an adult today can not do without purse present, in the near future, the same can be said of the electronic money.

Investigated interface program

can talk a lot about the possibilities of electronic purses, but if you are interested in how to transfer money to WebMoney phone, then there is nothing easier.The first step is to install the program WebMoney.But today we look at that option when it is already on your computer.You, as usual, be asked to enter your password and click "OK".Do this.Of course, before a WebMoney transfer money to your phone, you need to fund your account.

Once the keeper has loaded, you will see the usual window, which reflects the current balance of your purses.Let us assume that you already know how to fill up your balance and your account has the correct amount.Click the "My WebMoney", which is located after the tab "My purses" and "Inbox".In it you will see all of their earning potential of virtual money, but here they can spend, and even get a loan.

Many opportunities

In addition, as with WebMoney to transfer money to your phone, you can still pay for the utilities, pay the hosting site and even order a bouquet of flowers.But back to the phone.Now, select the "Mobile", then go to your carrier's website.If you do not know the operator, it is easy to find on special resources on the network, or by typing in the search engine Yandex the first digits of your phone number.


Online mobile operator you will need to provide a phone number and wish to transfer the amount.Click "Next" and enter a numeric code in the right window.On the last screen, you will need to specify the purse from which money will be withdrawn.If you are concerned about the safety of the virtual wallet, you are prompted to enter the code in a special box that was sent SMS-Coy your phone number.This is a good way to protect the money in your account by experienced hackers.

So, the question of how to transfer money to WebMoney phone, we understand.Similarly, you can top up the balance of any telephone number, just need to know the service provider.At the time of payment from your account additionally removed the standard commission system.In most cases it is 0.8%.However, if your amount less than $ 100, and is used to confirm the payment service of SMS-messages, the Commission is not less than 1.5 rubles.In this case, even 101 rubles to pay more profitable, the commission will be only 0.81 rubles.

In conclusion ...

With virtual money can be paid hundreds of other services purchased from online stores you need, and others. The principle is the same.Thus, the answer to the question of how to transfer money to WebMoney phone is pretty simple.This task handle any user with the account on this resource.