Details about how to "DotA 2" to change the language

Dota 2 is a multiplayer team game in the genre of MOBA.It involves 2 teams of 5 people.One union plays on the bright side, the other - in the dark.Each participant controls one of the characters, which are called heroes.

If you are a lover of the game and has made an update on its second version, you probably noticed that the interface is in English.Not everyone knows how to "DotA 2" to change the language, but with the help of the above article, you can quickly find a solution.


first thing you are required to run Steam, then should go to the list and find the game Dota 2. When this is done, you need to clean the mouse cursor on it and click on the logo right.If you are done correctly, then in front of you should see a drop-down menu where you should go to the tab Properties.Since you have the English language, we note that the above word means "Properties".If desired, you can use a translator.

So, go to the question of how to change the language in the "DotA 2" from English into Russian.If you have completed the above steps, then you can continue.After the transition to the section "Properties" in front of you should see a new menu in which to find a tab Set Launch Options.We direct the cursor on it and click the left mouse button.After that you will see a small window in which you have to enter your own «language russian».


question of how to "DotA 2" to change the language, practically solved, but that's not all.Also, if you type in the line above changes, you should specify exactly the words that we have mentioned.Incidentally, it is worth noting that so you can not just replace the language from English to Russian, but also to any other.With some embodiments of the game will not operate.Not all languages ​​"Dote" supported.This is also worth remembering.However, if you know how to "DotA 2" to change the language, you return to your old settings for you will have no difficulty.


Once you have established a perfect version of the interface, you definitely need to save the settings.Some beginners ignore this rule, respectively, the whole process has to make from the outset.To set the parameters to take effect, be sure to restart the game on your computer.Also, in addition to being in the "DotA 2" to change the language, you should know that after the update you again have to deal with settings.