Official business style of speech

In the official communication business areas the most common styles of communication are official business style of speech and scientific business style of speech.Among all styles of speech of these two styles more fully able to disclose the essence of communication and reflect the realities of the business world.The use of these communication styles requires business etiquette head and employees of any serious organization.

official style of speech - it is one of the main functional styles that make up the environment of verbal communication in the field of relations of an official nature concerning the control and legal communications.

scope of this style of speech are international relations, economics, law, communication in official institutions, military industry, government activities, etc.

especially widely used to this style of drawing up official documents.Due to the generally accepted norms of preparation, use of documents much easier.It accelerates business communication.All international treaties, legal laws, business papers, official correspondence, etc.compiled using this particular style of speech.

This style of communication is particularly resistant and closed.Characteristically, subjected to relative changes over time, it retains its basic features, existing genres and the specific language in the original form.

official style of speech is replete with a variety of speech cliches - standard, frequently used in different situations.Unlike other styles of speech, where patterns are stylistic shortcomings, in this case, they are a natural and indispensable accessory business communication style.

official style of speech is characterized by a number of distinctive features and similarities inherent in all its genres.These include avoiding verbosity, the mandatory use of conventional clichés standard presentation and arrangement of the material (especially in writing), the abundance of specific terminology, the use of a special official and clerical phraseology, the use of abbreviations, the narrative nature of the speech, the direct word order, the use of complex sentences, the minimumnumber of emotive words and some others.

Due to a huge variety of topics included in the discussions with business style, there are two main varieties: the official and documentary obihodno-business style.In the first style drawn up legal documents of state bodies, diplomatic acts in the international practice.The second style is characteristic of the official correspondence between the enterprises and institutions as well as private business papers.

In some cases, business communication needs of business scientific style of speech.This applies to fields of activities pertaining to scientific developments and implementations.In lexical terms of this style is characterized by a specialized terminology, a special vocabulary.The words used in the literal sense, because in this style is unacceptable ambiguity.

Business etiquette requires instilling these styles of speech to all the staff and senior management of the organization.Business etiquette is a reflection of the head of the atmosphere and values ​​of a particular organization, as a general rule for the entire business environment.With this tool, increases the effectiveness of communication, creates emotional comfort in the workplace and in general more favorable conditions for business and cooperation with partners.Etiquette conduct business economically.Corporate style and impeccable manners employees create reputation of the firm and is what sets the company in the eyes of its partners and customers, creating a competitive advantage.