Pendant cross, male and female

In all ages nationalities enjoyed crosses that had many different meanings.Typically, the cross symbolized the worship of gods, religious movements and the manifestation of life values.

In today's world is very popular pendant cross.Wear it both women and men.Pendant is virtually no different from the usual cross.Pendant cross also preserves and protects the wearer from misfortune and bad weather.There are many different crosses.Consider their basic types and how they came to us.

Cross Ankh Cross Ankh

come to us even from ancient Egypt.The Egyptians, he symbolized immortality.It was believed that the support of the cross could not die in battle or get fatally wounded.From ancient legends known that Ankh - is the key to the door of paradise.The ancient Scandinavians also like the cross was a symbol of immortality and getting rid of the mental and physical suffering.

cross pendant has the form of an oval ring, which dates back over a T-shaped pillar.In our time, this pendant are both men and wom

en carving and decorating it with different stones.

Celtic cross

Celtic cross came to us from the ancient Celtic peoples of Christianity.For centuries, it symbolized the clean air, the bright sun, the earth and clean water.This cross has the form of a closed ring among equals rays.This fact explains the significance of the cross - and complete closure of the cyclical actions.

In Ireland, it is considered that the Celtic cross - is primarily a union of the sun and of Christianity, which gives the latter the invisible power and magic.It equates to a solar deity, which gives strength to each wearer.

Today Celtic cross-pendant has a huge popularity among the members of neo-Nazi movements.It is used as the most symbols.

Latin cross

Latin cross - a Christian symbol, which stands for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.This cross represents the death, human death.Ever since ancient times, in addition to the symbol of death and resurrection, he meant the soul of the deceased.In the Orthodox faith, a Latin cross has always interpreted the words "cut" or "chop".It has the form of two lines - horizontal and vertical.The horizontal line crosses the vertical line is higher than the middle of the cross, indicating that a higher intelligence superiority over man.

In connection with the designation of the resurrection today Latin cross worn as a pendant to protect man from death and gives strength to life.This cross pendant is suitable for both women and men.

Archangel cross

Archangel cross for centuries was considered a special, not like all the characters.It denotes the archangels and was considered sacred.It was used exclusively by Christians.They considered it the hallmark of the saints who keep the patronage of the believers.

Archangel cross looks like the three steps that indicate the names and virtues - Faith, Hope and Charity.

Today, this kind of cross circulated among the people of the Christian faith.And cross pendant for men is no less important than for women.It is usually decorated with engravings and carvings for men, the variant with stones for women.

Orthodox cross Orthodox cross

for centuries widely used in the Christian church as a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection soon.Cross is a vertical line that is crossed by two lines - one horizontal and one at the top of downward slope.Often on the cross show threads in a pile of skulls, which speaks of the fallen Adam.This is due to the fact that the bones of Adam and Eve had been washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, and in this way the blood washed away all the sins of mankind with.

Orthodox cross and today is extremely popular among both women and men.Also, a cross pendants are teenagers and children.It is used as protection of human evil, evil spirits and demons.

a dagger often do engraving and carving, which depicts Jesus Christ and the inscription.Among the engravings of the most common is the "Save and Protect".

Greek Cross The Greek cross

looks identical bars which are arranged crosswise.It was used back in the old days.He symbolized the sun, water, earth and fire - all the main parts of the world, of which he is a member.

In ancient times was considered a Greek cross Russian.This is explained by the fact that Prince Vladimir had brought him out of Korsun, when he was baptized, and placed on the banks of the Dnieper.

In Greece, this type of cross symbolized victory over the Turks, which was always a war.It was believed that a person who has such a talisman, can not die at the hands of the enemy.

Today Greek cross pendant, is used in various youth movements as a symbol of life and victory over the enemies.The most common movement (subculture), enjoying the cross - is goths, punks, skinheads.It is decorated with stones, sequins and thread.

Solar Cross Solar Cross

looks equal on both sides of the perpendicular, which is confined in a circle.I came a cross a still from the ancient Slavs, who regarded him as a symbol of immortality and longevity.We used it as a talisman, and for this reason he was portrayed on clothing, furniture, jewelry, and even the walls.

meaning solar cross is solely for self-development and self-knowledge of man, in his spiritual and aesthetic world.In ancient times it was believed that the sun is opposed to evil, as it is bright and clear.That is why cross-pendant is shaped like a circle and a cross.

To date, known as the solar cross pendant that protects a person from darkness and anger.It is made of different materials with stones and crystals.

It should be concluded that the choice of the cross is necessary to consider its symbolism and meaning, because every thing that is treated as a talisman, an amulet or a pendant, can have a direct impact on the person and his destiny.

important thing is that it looks very beautiful pendant cross - photos used in this article is demonstrated.Which option to buy for yourself, decide for yourself.