The most successful entrepreneurs - 2013: Forbes ranking

developer, designer and manufacturer of semiconductors and other women on their own to make a million.

1. Wu Yahong

Worth: $ 4.1 billion

place in the ranking of the richest people in the world: 299

Country: China

Company: Longfor Properties

Age: 49

Marital status: Divorced

richest woman of the world, self-earned money.Her career began as a journalist, but then got hired manager in real estate development company, and in 1993 established his own construction company.A year ago, the joint state Yahong Wu and her husband Forbes estimated at $ 6.2 billion. But last year, the couple divorced, while the market capitalization Longfor has already reached $ 10 billion.

2. Zhang Xin

Worth: $ 3.8 billion togetherwith her husband

Rank world's richest 376

Country: China

Company: SOHO China

Age: 48

Marital status: Married, two children

Zhang Xin is the CEO of the company, which she founded togetherwith her husband Pan Xin and which is now the most successful private developer in the country.In the past year, their condition has increased by $ 1.15 billion.

3. Oprah Winfrey

Worth: $ 2.9 billion

place in the ranking of the richest Americans: 184

Country: US

Company: OWN


Marital Status:

Even without its own daily show to the world famous TV presenter does not leave the ranking of the most highly paid celebrities.Today Winfrey owns movie studios, magazine, commercially successful website, radio and cable TV channel OWN.She also founded the Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

4. Sara Blakely

State: $ 1 billion

place in the ranking of the richest people in the world: 1342

Country: US

Company: Spanx

Age: 42

Marital status: Married, one child

In 29 years Blakely invested all their savings in the $ 5000 to the creation of innovative Waist tights.Bold marketing, personal control over all business processes and success have allowed entrepreneurs just six months to go from seller to fax by phone producer Oprah Winfrey favorite lingerie.Spanx from a modest company yutivsheysya Blakely home in Atlanta, has become a strong market player with revenues of $ 250 million and a 20 percent yield.

5. Tory Burch

State: $ 1 billion

place in the ranking of the richest people in the world: 1342

Country: US

Company: Tory Burch

Age: 47

Marital status: Divorced, three children

At first, the business has helped a lot of Tory Burch financial support of a wealthy ex-husband, investment banker Christopher Birch.However, the design talent of the entrepreneurs in the history played a decisive role for its success: the brand Tory Burch appreciated by Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities.Last valuation investors more than $ 3 billion, and after the planned IPO state Birch can grow to more than $ 1 billion.

6. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

condition: $ 625 million

place in the ranking of influential women: 85


Company: Biocon

Age: 60


richest woman of India itself has created its innovative business.Mazumdar-Shaw is a national leader in the biotechnology industry.Production of industrial enzymes, it took 25 years of age.Today, Biocon Biopharmaceuticals is focused on.The company declares its mission to make medicines accessible to the broadest range of people.Indian business empire continues its rapid expansion at the expense of transactions M & amp; A and by 2018 plans to reach the level of $ 1 billion in revenues (last year figure was $ 400 million).

7. Weili Dai

numbers: Marvell Technology's revenue in 2012 - $ 3.1 billion

place in the ranking of influential women: 88

Country: US

Company: Marvell Technology

Age: 52

Marital status: Married, two children

Dai - the only one in the United States entrepreneur, successfully doing business in the manufacture of semiconductors.The company Marvell Technology Group native of China, received higher education in America, founded in 1995 together with her husband Seat Sutardzhey.Dai is one of the most influential figures in the business ecosystem of Silicon Valley, last year she even met the group of lobbyists entrepreneurs with President Barack Obama.However, Marvell Technology Business recently struggling to cope with the pressure of mobile technology: the company's shares last year fell by half, and revenue fell.

8. Cher Wang

condition: the company's revenue for 2012 was $ 9.9 billion

place in the ranking of influential women: 46

Country: Taiwan

Company: HTC

Age: 55 Marital status

: Married, two children

Chairman Cher Wang and CEO of HTC Peter Chu founded the company in 1997.Over the years HTC has moved from phone manufacturer for different brands of the leading manufacturers of phones Android.In March 2013 the smartphone HTC First is the first device that is optimized for Facebook

However, the financial affairs of the company are getting worse.Recently, HTC for the first time in its history as a public company has ceased to be profitable and recorded a loss for the third quarter, and its CEO Peter Chu admitted that he was "too busy and tired right now."Now Chu focuses on the development of other new products, and Cher Wang took the lead in marketing, sales and negotiations with suppliers.

9. Beyonce

Income for 2012: $ 53 million

Rank celebrities 4

Country: US

Company: House of Dereon

Age: 33

Marital status: Married, one child

Pop diva, wife of rapper-producer Jay Z and happy mother, Beyoncé and time to develop their own business.Fashionable clothing brand House of Dereon - the brainchild of singer and her mother Tina Knowles.The company was founded in 2004 and has since successfully increasing sales.In May 2012, Beyoncé has opened an online store under its own name, where fans can buy performer clothing and accessories, created with the participation of their idol.

10. Gisele Bundchen

Income for 2012: $ 42 million

Rank celebrities 81

Country: US

Company: Sejaa Skincare

Age: 33

Marital status: Married, two children

most highly paid models of the world makes money not only in fashion shows and photo shoots.Bundchen is one of the founders of the company Sejaa - producer of natural cosmetics for women.One of the contenders for the absorption Sejaa market sources called Japanese corporation Shiseido.

11. Sofia Vergara

Income for 2012: $ 30 million

Rank celebrities 54

Country: US

Company: Latin WE

Age: 41

Marital status: divorced, one child

Star series "Modern Family" this year for the second time became the highest paid actress on television.Her fees have risen, while the number of mandated roles in the portfolio doubled.

market potential in love with the actress audience estimated by experts at an astronomical $ 1 trillion.41-year-old Colombian cleverly uses this potential: it has already launched its own line of clothing and household goods, which are sold in a network KMart.At the turn of the advertising contracts with Vergara lined PepsiCo, Covergirl, Rooms to Go and Synthroid.

12. JK Rowling

Income for 2012: $ 13 million

place in the ranking of the most influential women: 93

Country: United Kingdom

Age: 48

Marital status: Married, three children

Author "Harry Potter "last fall to expand the audience by the parents of the bulk of its readers - the market entered her first" adult "novel" casual vacancy ".The book is about the passions in the small English town has sold 1.5 million copies in the US alone, but met a cool response to critics, together called the work boring."500 pages of hard social manifesto disguised as literature", - said in one of the reviews.

However, Rowling has been awarded the status of the first $ 1 billion among writers, barbs of critics will hardly deliver any noticeable inconvenience.

13. Arianna Huffington

numbers: per month users Huffington Post left over 250 million comments on the site

place in the ranking of influential women: 56

Country: US

Company: Huffington Post Media Group


Marital status: Divorced, two children

Huffington essentially invented the media empire of a new generation: the site Huffington Post already has in the arsenal of the Pulitzer Prize and investments attracted from the sale of AOL.In 2013, the share continued its international expansion by opening multiple foreign language versions.In May, there was a Japanese Huffington Post, it was followed by Canadian, British, French, Spanish and Italian reincarnation portal.

14. Yan Liang

numbers: has 33 million subscribers in the Chinese equivalent of Twitter - Weibo

place in the ranking of influential women: 100

Country: China

Company: Sun Media

Age: 45 Marital


Yang Lian - one of the most influential women in the Chinese media business, it is often called the "Oprah Winfrey of the Middle Kingdom."Holding Sun Media entrepreneur founded with her husband, the Hong Kong media mogul Bruno Wu.Their multiplatform business empire includes TV, newspapers, magazines and websites.Yang Lian is very popular program on television, and its esters often appear scale figure of ex-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

15. Diane von Furstenberg

place in the ranking of influential women: 74

Country: US

Company: DVF

Age: 66

Marital status: Married, two children

Her collections are sold in 55 countriesShe wears such fashionistas Michelle Obama and Gwyneth Paltrow.She also has four consecutive terms is the president of the Council of Fashion Designers of the United States, which includes more than 400 designers.

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