How to set up a microphone in the "Skype" - a few simple steps

Users of the first acquaintance with the program "Skype" is often the question arises: "How to set up a microphone in the" Skype "easiest?" The proposed material to your attention will be given step by step instructions.Following her instructions, to solve this problem will not be difficult.Nothing wrong with that.So feel free to take and do.


now on the market are a lot of devices of this class.The cheapest of them cost 2 USD.In turn, microphones premium will cost you 400 USD.It is recommended to buy the unit cost of 20-30 USD.As practice shows, they have a reasonable quality and the cost of democracy.You can also buy a headset, complete with microphone.But in this case, expected sound quality is not necessary.Conventionally, these audio devices can be divided into two types, depending on the connection method:

  • 3,5 mm audiodzhek.
  • USB.

In the first case, the connection uses the pin, and the second - the rectangular connector.From the position of the sound quality is better to buy a microphone in the first performance.Regardless of your choice of the procedure on how to set up a microphone in the "Skype",

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will be identical for all types of devices.It consists of the following stages:

  • PC connection.
  • Setting up and testing the operating system.
  • Setting up and testing in the "Skype".

That they will be painted later.

Hardware connection

How to turn on the microphone in the "Skype"?In the first stage of the process is performed by hardware switching, that is, connect the audio device to the PC.As mentioned earlier, the connection can be used either 3.5mm audiodzhek or USB.In the first case, we find on the system board socket of the sound card.They can be located at the rear side of the body, and on its front.Typically, there are three: green (designed for audio output, connect it to the headphones or speakers), blue (used to input audio signal recorder, guitar or synthesizer) and pink (sometimes can be peach color) are brought here and the wires from the microphone.It was in the last one and it is necessary to establish a connection socket of the audio device in this case.But with a USB-connection is much easier.It is enough to find any desired shape rectangular connector and insert the wire from the microphone.

Configuring the operating system

After switching hardware is finished in the bottom right corner of the monitor screen you should see a message that the connector is connected.If not, you may not have installed the sound card driver.They have to drive that came bundled with the motherboard.Since it is necessary to install them, and then restart the computer.If the drive is not available, then download them from the official website of the motherboard manufacturer.Now let's deal with how to set up a microphone in the "Skype" by the operating system.These parameters are the same for all applications "Vindovs."To do this, perform the following manipulations:

  • Go to "Start".Then we need to "Control Panel".In it we find the label of "sound" and commit on it, double-click the left button of the manipulator.Window opens.
  • Next you need to go to the tab "Record".It is a complete list connected to the computer microphone.We find in it the one that is connected to the current time, and we make it a double-click.This will open the Properties window of the microphone.
  • Then go to the tab "Listen."It is necessary to check the box "Listen to this device".Click "Apply" button.This headphones or speakers will play sounds from the microphone.
  • Then click on "Advanced".In the "Default Format" choose the maximum frequency (for maximum sound quality).Again, click "Apply".
  • Moving tab "Levels".Here in its sole discretion to install two sliders, "Microphone" and "Microphone Boost".Their values ​​need to be installed depending on the quality of sound.Incorrect position of the slider can lead to what will be loud or quiet the microphone in the "Skype".A selection is as follows: set the value, press "Apply" and make sounds, which are then heard in the speakers or headphones.With sufficient sound quality proceed to the next step.Otherwise, we continue to pick their position.
  • sliders Once installed, return to the tab "Play" and remove the check mark previously set.Then commit click on "OK".

At this setting in the operating system is finished.

test the operating system

After setting the parameters of the recording sounds "Vindovs" it is strongly recommended to test.To do this in the "Sound" (it was supposed to stay open after the previous step) in the tab "Record" we find the right microphone.Opposite him to be a dark green bar.If the sound is coming from the microphone to the computer, it must be partially or fully (depending on the signal level) to become light green.If this happens, then everything is done correctly and you can proceed to the next step.

Settings in the "Skype"

further configuration the microphone in the "Skype" is correcting the initial settings in the program.To start you need to install it.To do this, download the official website of the distribution.Then, completing the wizard, set the "Skype" on your computer.The next step is to sign up for this service.Then, open the main application window.It is necessary to go to the main menu item "Tools".In it, select the item "Settings".This window can be opened using keyboard shortcuts «Ctrl» and "," (comma in the English keyboard layout).In the right column, it is necessary to select "Sound Settings".Specify the devices in the drop-down lists "Microphone" and "Speaker", which at the current time are connected.Sets the maximum signal level sliders to your liking.If fonit microphone in the "Skype", you should uncheck "Automatically adjusts the microphone" in the same window.Click "OK" and save the settings previously set.

test in the "Skype"

now deal with how to test the microphone in the "Skype".To do this, open one of the methods outlined earlier settings window and go to the section "Adjusting the sound".Then pay attention to the slider next to the field "microphone."When the sound he must move to the right.Then close the window.The next step is to make a test call.To do this, the contact list, find the «Echo» and make calls.Answering machine and hear a message after the beep leave his post.Then it should be reproduced.If all goes well, and you hear yourself back, the microphone can be configured and communicate.Otherwise, check the connection and settings again.

Possible problems

Among the main problems that may arise in the process of communicating in the "Skype", the following:

  • Poor sound quality or complete lack thereof.
  • There is no picture on the screen.
  • Poor picture during communication.

decision for each of them will be offered in the next section.


In the first case you need to check the connection.Then check the settings of the operating system and "Skype" and make sure that it is the microphone and headphones or speakers selected (the process of how to make the microphone in the "Skype" has been previously described in the text, for headphones or speakers all similarlyOnly need to use the section "Speakers" in the same window).Moreover, this procedure should be done both users: the problem might be on each computer.

In the second case, you must make sure that it is a video call is made (the icon with a video camera).Then you need to see the correct switch.Also check the driver on the webcam and correct her work in "Skype" (main menu "Tools", then select "Settings" and find the item "Video Settings").There must be reproduced picture with a webcam.In the latter case, we install all available operating system updates.Perhaps the connection speed is low, because of what and distorted picture in the process of communication (in this case, you must stop all processes, for example, a torrent or a browser that use traffic).

Summary In this article the stages described how to set up a microphone in the "Skype".By performing the previously stated guidance, properly configure the program will not be difficult for an experienced user or a beginner.So it's safe to take and do!