Signs of a legal person, the concept and function.

legal entity - it is nothing like organization with economic management, operational management of the property or any separate property, as well as for its obligations with this property meets.Such an organization can implement on its own behalf and acquire personal property and property rights, be sued and the plaintiff in the court, to perform duties.Legal persons have an independent estimate and balance.

legal entities: concept, features, classification.

Legal entities called special education, have some specific features, which are generated and terminated in a special order.

Before considering the symptoms and types of legal entities, it is necessary to understand what functions are performed by the institution.First of all, it's design collective interests.The Institute organizes legal entity, organizing internal relations between its participants, and also converts their will to the will of an entire organization, enabling it to act in this case on his own behalf in the civil circulation.The second function - an association of capital.It is understood that the legal entity (especially joint stock company) is the optimal form for long-term centralization of capital.The third function - the restriction of entrepreneurial risk.Property risks member you can limit the amount of contribution to the total capital of a particular company due to the construction of a legal entity.The fourth function - money management.This refers to the possibility of more flexible use of capital, which belongs to one person in different areas of business.

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Signs of a legal entity - not that other, as internal properties that are inherent in it, and each of them is necessary.And all with signs of a legal person are sufficient for the recognition of organizations subject to civil law.

legal entities in the Russian Federation must pass state registration procedure, as well as most of them have printing, bank accounts, but this is only the external attributes that do not reflect the essence of the legal entity.

Currently, signs a legal entity is divided into four groups:

1. Legal person exerts its organizational unity in a hierarchy, as well as the subordination of the control (sole or collective) that make up its structure.In addition, it is shown in a clear and precise regulation of all relations between the parties.

2. Signs of a legal entity continues to the following: using separate property created the material basis for the work of education.For any practice related tools required: knowledge, technology items, cash.Accordingly, the property isolation legal person is none other than the union of these tools in a property complex, which belongs to the organization, as well as the delimitation of its belonging to other persons, property.

3. The third feature - any legal entities only solely responsible for its own obligations.

4. The fourth feature - as the legal person acts in public circulation solely on his own behalf, he has the opportunity to purchase, the exercise of civil rights, incurring duties on their behalf.In addition, it can act as a plaintiff and a defendant in court.This feature is considered final, and is also the purpose for which the entity actually created.