How to find out why the fall speed of the Internet?

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majority of Internet users often encounter cases where it becomes unbearable anticipation of opening web pages, downloading files, etc.It is obvious that the network connection has a problem, which strongly influence the efficiency of work.There are several main reasons why the fall speed of the Internet.Let us examine them in detail.

Why dropped speed Internet?Maybe the problem in the hardware?

The first thing to do - is to call your ISP.These companies are working with complex equipment, which gives users access to the network, it often happens it fails, a temporary shutdown due to technical or maintenance work, or even testing.Call your Internet service provider will answer the question of why the fall speed of the Internet.There is unfortunately nothing to do, we can only wait.

very common cause of loss of speed becomes a fault terminal equipment (modem, Wi-Fi-point, a wired or wireless network card, etc.).During fault occurs the phenomenon of packet loss.This means that the information is cut off somewhere, it takes some time, and then work resumes.But if there are frequent packet loss, then, accordingly, it seems that the speed of the Internet has taken a beating.Identify the problem, a simple command «PING».If you are running Windows, you should do the following:

  • Run command line (Win + R and press the "Start" then "Run", which enter «CMD»).
  • When the (usually black) box, in the field where the cursor is blinking, you need to enter the command «Ping», insert a space and enter the IP-address of your device, then press the space bar again and enter «-t», press «Enter».
  • goes packet transmission, if there is no delay (in the "Time" no value more than 2-5 ms and no message "timed out"), it is all right if they are, then perhaps this is the reasonwhy fall speed of the Internet.By the way, in the same way, you can check any resource.To do this, instead of IP-address, you can enter any website address is: can the Internet in your order, and blame - performance resource.

So, we find out whether there are problems in the hardware, and that if the whole reason for the software part?

Software reasons why the Internet speed dropped

Many programs or incorrect settings can cause a drop in the speed of the connection.If the speed of the Internet has plummeted, the reason for this may be a faulty proxy-server.If your browser it is registered, it should be removed or register worker.

presence of virus - one of the more common causes of problems in the Internet.Typically, they download any data from the network, thereby overloading the channel.

If you have a Wi-Fi, and the password it is not installed, perhaps your neighbors enjoy the internet.In this case, the password must be set.

That way you can determine why the fall speed of the Internet.But if you fix each problem came to nothing lead, possibly someone special blocks speed - this is especially true for networks where all the controls system administrator.His actions and can cause this phenomenon.