Interesting ideas manicure at home

Nowadays, girls and women are perhaps even more appreciate the beauty and appeal than ever before, and are willing to do anything to turn into a beautiful princess.Yes, of course the natural beauty is always more attractive than any frills.But beautify themselves even more want anyway.One of the areas for experimentation are the nails.I must say that the stereotype of the preference of long nails long ago outlived its usefulness.Ideas manicure at home will look more interesting on the nails short and medium length.In addition, they are much easier and cleaner long claws.Actually, the most interesting of today are curious and unusual combinations of colors and shades.bright basic tone looks great with a splash of bright color, splashes of gold, patterns, knobs and even tiny spines.On the edge of the nail can be made dark or, conversely, light line, to set off the main tone.These options look good on any length.

Incidentally, it is practical - the trump card of short nails.After all, strong and strong long "cat's claws" unable to grow is not all: they can start to exfoliate, break, become too dry.The procedure for building - not cheap.In addition, for those claws need to take care that it is practically impossible to do at home.In short nails easier to implement any ideas manicure at home.Gently nakraste nail plate, then apply risinok or selected ornaments made of plastic or glass and cover all with transparent varnish.Decorations of nails do not have to be identical.There is a limitation of its own imagination and the number and variety of available materials.

choosing how to decorate the hands, it is worth considering, for example, the idea for the French manicure of 2013.It is elegant, neat, nice and - seen - very much like men.This type of nail polish on the nails made of rounded or "rake", of medium length.

For any ideas especially important grooming.To do this, carefully handle nails.Once a week can make a special bath.A good option - a comfortable temperature water with a tablespoon of any salt, a drop of liquid soap and a few drops of iodine.In her hands fall and stay until the water cools down.This bath strengthens the nail plate, prevents its stratification and fragility.

To improve the condition of nails is recommended weekly massage movements to put olive oil.We need a good and nourishing cream that is applied before bedtime and after washing the dishes.If you want to whiten your nails, the perfect lemon (need to cut it in half, put it in your fingers and keep them up to 15 minutes).This procedure is carried out not more than once every two weeks.And, of course, the nails should be neatly trimmed, rasped, cuticle removed.

manicure ideas for beginners include, above all, the use of transparent varnish, preferably with firming effect.So the hand will look neat and attractive without any extra effort.But if you want something new, give your nails in order to degrease them (with alcohol) - and forward.So, first applied varnish-based, to the selected color looked exactly (we can take remedial basis, so even better).We are waiting for a couple of minutes.Now Lacquer taken, shaken and gently applied from the base to the tip, keeping the brush.Then, close all the remaining empty space.We wait until they dry (you can use for this cold water).Apply another layer dried.Take a fixer to give durability and shine.The last step - the removal of all the errors and rubbing the hands emollient cream.

Ideas manicure at home - is, above all, giving the beauty and originality.Recently, the most popular are variations friable coating of lacquer (craquelure).It looks great, is easy to apply.To do this, you must first apply a coat of gold lacquer, dry and cover plate of pale green or black cracelures.All dried and fixed a layer of transparent varnish.Color, of course, be chosen freely, according to taste.No less relevant and drawings on the nails.Here it is impossible to curb rampant imagination.You can use special stickers or paint on the varnish using a needle.A novelty last season was the drawing of fine lace and beads.

In general, I must say, the idea of ​​a manicure at home - is primarily a manifestation of the taste, style and imagination.The choice of colors depends on the situation: return to work or to a party with friends - and, of course, colors of clothing and accessories.You can not paint all the nails, and only one (usually unnamed).And most importantly - do not be afraid to experiment.