A job: How to successfully pass an interview

What interview can be considered successfully passed?Naturally, then, after which the applicant has received the coveted post.The device to work - a process very responsible and important, so you need to prepare for it in advance

Three stages on the way to a career

Before you pass the interview for a job, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary conversation with the employer by phone.During telephone conversations it is very important to make the appropriate impression - because this is the first stage of the personal communication with a potential boss.Maybe, of course, at this stage the applicant will communicate with the secretary of the organization, but in this case it is required to share their opinions about the caller candidate with the employer.A job will be even more likely if during the preliminary telephone interview the applicant will manifest itself enterprising and interested in getting a particular job.You need to ask questions: about the job and career opportunities, about the employer (his surname, name and patronymic), necessarily - on the exact address of the company and of the time, which is assigned to a job interview.Furthermore, it may be useful information that you will have to undergo an interview with any tests or fill out forms.

about how to pass a job interview in a way that is guaranteed to get the post, claimed by the applicant, mentioned repeatedly.The main one is: to communicate with a potential employer should be carefully prepared.First you need to take care of documents that may be needed in an interview: resume (2 copies), passport, diplomas and certificates (university, further education courses).However, we must remember that should take only those documents that are relevant to the professional skills to qualify for a specific position.Further information can be found on the company to explore the direction of its activities, the success, to demonstrate this knowledge on interview, emphasizing its beneficial interest in cooperation.

device to work will be more successful if the applicant comes to the meeting a little before the appointed time, he will be able to answer the most slippery issues (such typically include questions about desired salary, or about the reasons for leaving previous job).Of course, we must be able to articulate their advantage over other candidates, highlight the dignity, to talk about achievements.

In no case can not speak negatively about his former colleague or boss - employers prefer to hire people flexible and loyal to rely only on themselves and self-confidence.The duration of the story itself should not exceed 2-3 minutes - the rest of the person conducting the interview is no longer interesting.To successfully pass an interview, you need to clearly and laconically answer questions and ask them yourself.But not about wages and working hours not - you can specify such details only after the employer will say right (or will understand) that the applicant will be accepted for the position.

third stage of a successful interview - appearance.Is known to occur is always "on clothes," so finding employment is a serious reason to take care of neat and clean clothes.Depending on the severity of the post, claimed by the candidate, you can choose a strict business suit or just ironed a shirt and trousers.Of course, this does not guarantee a coveted job, which largely depends on the skills and experience, but in comparison with other candidates neat applicant will look more promising.