Types of Marketing Research

Research in marketing - one of the most effective tools to determine the state of the market, the needs of consumers and the actions of competitors.The number of information received and the quality of results depends on the qualification of professionals producing analysis.

There are several types of marketing research.It:
- study of consumer needs;
- the study of the actions of competitors;
- monitoring suppliers;
- the study of the industrial market;
- analysis of goods and services, also including price monitoring;
- learning programs to promote products.

marketing research to be successful, you must use the list of the most effective tools.The majority of these instruments are differentiated methods of obtaining information from its support by drawing up and carrying out various types of surveys.Among other, you can select the most effective tools:

- Massive personal interviews home;
- Massive personal interviews hall;
- Focus groups;
- In-depth interviews;
- Polls experts.

This tool is widely used in all major types of research.

The first type of research - "exploration" - is carried out to establish a plan of action.It is carried out before the decision was made, and its results are used for strategic planning.Among the methods that are used for "exploratory" analysis should highlight: benchmarking, focus groups, secondary data analysis, case studies, the study of previous experience of the firm or firms.

As part of that kind of research - "descriptive" - ‚Äč‚Äčexperts -marketologami to be found answers to the questions: "Where?" "Who?", "What", "when?" And "what way?".It is important to remember that this type of analysis it describes the current market situation, but did not analyze it, so the results of the experts do not include the answer to the question "why?".The bulk of the answers to the questions of the test can be obtained by hall-tests, focus groups, conducting desk research and interviews.

Analysis of causality by specialists conducting "casual" study.This is where we answer the question "why?" (For example, "why increased sales after the introduction of a loyalty program?").However, in this case, you do not get a description of the process of this particular increase in sales.The most effective methods of this type of study are: experiment and application of mathematical models.

to establish a complete picture of the events of its analysis and the development of further strategies recommended to carry out comprehensive studies.