How to become a football agent in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

In conversations about football involuntarily affected threads of money, commerce, contracts.Who provides a stable future for the athletes?Such people are called agents.They play the role of accountants, diplomats, lawyers, while trying to stay in the shade.Who are these mysterious person?How to become a football agent?

Introduction to the profession

first agents in football appeared in the 70s of the twentieth century in the West.By signing a contract with the athlete, they took responsibility for his finances and career.Of course, the extent to which the results will be good, depends on professional competence and integrity.To support the high level of those skilled in the FIFA football agents formed Institute.Here they pass the exams of aptitude, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and law.Typically, agents are former players who know perfectly well the activities of team sports and especially communication with existing players.

In Russia, too, is working for the institution of such experts, after which they receive a certificate of the RFU.Licensed football agent allows you to work not only in your country but in other countries as well as ensure transparency of action.Currently, professionals in the field who have completed training in the Russian Federation, there are about 150 people.Represent the interests of the athletes can not only professionals, but also their relatives.Thus, cases famous football player Ronaldinho has been his brother, and Riise brothers - their mother Berit Riise.

Features specialty in Russian

In our country, the profession began in the early 90s of the twentieth century.Together with licensed agents started working and non-professionals, who often cheat their customers for their own benefit.The first organization in Russia, which had the right to sell our athletes abroad - "Sovintersport."Unfortunately, most of the salary transferred to the state, so the players and the players got a little money.So, he went to France for the defense of the USSR team Vagiz Khidiyatullin country received from his salary of 30 thousand to 29 thousand dollars a month.

agents pioneer in our country was Constantine Sarsania.Former football player is still in the list of the International Football Federation.Currently he works as a coach.Also, professional agents of a number of former players have become Panchenko, D. Dmitri Gradilenko A. Novgorod.

rules to obtain a license

How to become a football agent?Who has the right to call myself an expert in this field?To get such a position, you must:

- have citizenship of the country in which the license is requested;

- do not be a perpetrator;

- successfully undergo a special test of FIFA.

fee for conducting the exam sets football federation of the country where tested.It varies in the range from 100 to 1000 euro.For the year allowed two attempts to pass the test.

after complying with all the conditions and obtain a license is obliged to pay FIFA agent for the right to work with clients from 1,000 to 10,000 euros.Also, the local football federation imposes its conditions.

licensing exam

Before future travel agent for testing, it is necessary to make a contribution in the amount of 100 thousand rubles.This money goes to cover the costs for the organization and implementation of examination.Fee is not refundable.The day before the test is typically conducted one-day seminar.For all questions of the exam should contact the legal department of the Russian Football Union.In this unit you need to provide a number of documents.

examination includes twenty questions with multiple choice answers.The test is based on the following materials:

  1. FIFA Statutes, which was adopted in 2012.
  2. Charter on the use of the FIFA Statutes.
  3. FIFA Regulations Status and Transfer of players.
  4. Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.
  5. Regulations of FIFA player agent.
  6. rules that regulate the procedure of the Committee on the status of the players and the Dispute Resolution Chamber.
  7. FIFA Disciplinary Code.

Questions from the International Federation of Football Associations come in English, which translates the international department of the Russian Football Union.

Features obtain a license in our country

How to become a football agent in the Russian Federation?To do so, contact the relevant organization.RFU gives the right to obtain a professional license by granting certificates of neuropsychiatric clinic, police, stating that the next agent does not suffer from mental illness and has no criminal record.You also need to buy an insurance policy, the price of which is 100 thousand Swiss francs.Money is insurance in case of litigation.Next you want to make a statement of readiness to carry out a code of honor.

Here's how to become a football agent!But enough of the documents submitted?A prerequisite, as already mentioned, is the successful passing of a special examination.It takes a commission, consisting of seven people.It includes representatives of the Professional Football League, the legal committee of the RFU, the Russian Premier League.

Find football agent?

What you need to carry out actions to find a good specialist?Firstly, you must apply to the Association of Football Agents.Here you can find a suitable option and draw up a contract.Second, remember that a professional agent must take responsibility in solving legal issues, working with labor agreements, to act as a consultant, mediator in the transfer and sports activities of the client.Thirdly, you should pay attention to the training of experts, to experience.

Agent fee is not more than 10 per cent of the income footballer.If the athlete is under the age of 16, the rate drops to 3 percent.Specialist incurs expenses for travel and meetings with representatives of football clubs.


To answer the question of how to find a football agent, you can contact the association that brings together all professionals licensed football RFU.It was created in 2004.The purpose of the AFA is the cooperation of agents, the development of football and the football industry in the Russian Federation.Association of Football Agents facilitates the interaction of agents with the International Federation of Association Football, the Russian Football Union, UEFA, Russian Football Premier League.The Association of Football Agents include A. Minas A. Zotov, Bazanov S., A. Eremin, AG TOLSTIKOV A. maniac O. Malezhik.

soccer agents in Moscow and other Russian cities

One of the most influential experts in the field is Oleg Artemov.His clients are A. Arshavin, Pogrebnyak P., R. Pavlyuchenko and others.License agent got in 2004.In Moscow, O. Artemov runs in the German agency Dr.Oliver Wendt & amp;Tomas Zorn.

football agent Dmitry Sychev, Denisov, Vladimir Bystrov is Pavel Andreev.Specialist collaborates with the club "Zenith".

In 2005, another well-known agent German Tkachenko founded ProSports Management.Previously, he headed the Samara club "Wings".Then he became the representative D. Kolodin, S. Leiltona, Tikhonov.The specialist is responsible for promoting the brand "Anji", which is on the board of directors.

Agency "CA" created by Alexey Safonov, focuses mainly on young players.He is a partner school of "Chertanovo".The agency's client list includes Artem Dzyuba Sergey Ryzhikov, Vladimir Granat, Alexei Medvedev and others.

Another famous football organization ASA International, led by Arsen Minasova, working with clients such as K. Zyryanov V. Kulik, R. Shirokov, O. Vukojevic.The company is known on the international market, cooperating with Croatian players.

Professionals CIS

How to become a football agent in the Ukraine?First you need to have 8 thousand hryvnia in the account and the many links in the football team.In March and September of each year are conducted examinations to obtain a license.For admission to the examination of knowledge should be provided to the Committee on the Status and Transfer of the following documents:

- two types of passports: foreign and civil;

- the identification code;

- work book;

- diploma of education;

- statement autobiography;

- certificate from the place of residence;

- an extract from the neuropsychiatric and drug treatment clinics;

- a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

- cash contribution.

Candidates are tested for knowledge of the statutes and regulations of FIFA on the status and transfer of players, FIFA regulations Agents Regulations FFU at the agents.The license is valid for five years and has an international status.

Prerequisite work football agent - purchasing insurance.Its cost is about 10,350 hryvnia, and it is used only in case of litigation.Also, an expert carries out annual insurance of its activities in the amount of 100 thousand Swiss francs.

football agency in Belarus

Conditions for obtaining a license in this country are the same as in other countries.The agent must pass the exam.Of the twenty-fifteen test questions include topics on regulations of FIFA, and five - by the requirements of ABFF.Admission to the exam given to persons with higher education.Future agent must provide a certificate of no criminal record and proof of mental health.After the examination, the candidate enters into a contract of liability insurance and sign a code of professional conduct.

Talking about how to become a football agent in Belarus, it should be noted that the relatives of the athletes, too, can master the profession, but they must be registered with the Association of Belarusian Football Federation.

Unlicensed agents

When do you need a football agent, and the athlete is not a large amount, have to resort to illegal art.Informal businesses in the country are engaged in different people, such as leaders of clubs, members of the sports department and others.Regulations on the status and transfer of players Russian Football Union imposes sanctions as clubs, leading to work with unlicensed agents, and to the players themselves, who have concluded contracts with them.For the latter, the punishment usually looks like a warning, a fine of 250 thousand rubles or disqualification for up to 12 months.As for the clubs, the fine for cooperation with unlicensed agent is already 1 million rubles, also possible to transfer the company to a lower division, deduction of points, a ban on transfers for a specified period.Any transaction carried out in this case are canceled.

Despite the serious sanctions the players and clubs continue to use the services of "bugs" (so-called agents without a license).Why is that?Firstly, in these workers pay for services is lower than that of professionals with a certificate.Secondly, using the "bug" the club can get rid of unwanted player profitably.There are other reasons.

Features activities

question of how to become a football agent in Moscow today is very relevant.Young specialists observe a number of rules which, if successful implementation could lead to the desired result.

1. At first, the better to get one or two customers, with whom it is necessary to maintain a personal touch.

2. try to visit all the football action on which to establish useful contacts.

3. learn a foreign language.

4. Determine the scope of their activities.

5. To conduct fair negotiations.

6. Do not count on getting a lot of money fast.

7. To try to travel a lot to watch as many players in the operation.

8. It is advisable to get the mediators.

9. Demonstrate attention to the client.

10. Maintain good relations with journalists.

Conclusion So now you know how to become a football agent in Russia.To do this, you need to have a certain amount in the account, have no problems with the law, enjoy good mental health.Necessarily the presence of higher education, is especially welcome in law or economics.And most importantly, what is required - to be able to communicate with people, to strengthen links and to have speaking skills.