Light and color in the bathroom

Reflecting on the design of the bathroom, we come to the conclusion that it must first be fashionable and beautiful, comfortable and functional and, above all, whatever it is, should not deteriorate from moisture and steam, which areindispensable components of this room.In other words, the situation must be beautiful and comfortable, and materials - durable.


When planning a bathroom interior of one of the starting points will serve as a color scale, since it is designed to create a visual mood and decrease or increase the space of the room.For example, if you want to extend it to paint the wall opposite the entrance light paint with a gray tint - visual wall postponed.The same "trick" may be applied to the ceiling and wood paneling.To reduce, increase or "cut" the space you can use the position in the desired direction of the border tiles in bright contrasting colors.

If the area of ​​the bathroom is not too large, it is necessary to use light unsaturated colors - it will add room and open air.Decorating different colors visually reduce the large space, make it more comfortable.Deep bright colors such as beige, pink, scarlet, lemon, copper or mahogany tint, ideal to create a muted island to relax in tranquil surroundings.Cream, peach, silver, sky blue, and all the colors and shades of the early, filled with the light of the morning freshness and fill the room with joy the beginning of a new day.


According to most designers, the bathroom should be one of the most illuminated places in the apartment.You should be able to see yourself well, preparing for the working day or going to bed.Under these two conditions should be selected and lighting.

Starting a choice of lamps, we should not forget that this space is significantly different from other rooms in the apartment.So first of all pay attention to the lights, which carry a direct hit of water, that is water resistant, not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, and corrosion resistant.Pay attention to the instructions that the manufacturer is always two-digit number indicates where the first digit represents the dustproof, and the second - moisture resistance.The higher the number, the greater the degree of protection.Bathroom second number is an important indicator: it should not be less than 4.

To feel comfortable in the bathroom and create it in a good mood, lighting must be maintained at 75 lux.This means that for premises Q2.m quite 75-watt light bulbs for 6 square.m - 150 watts and so on.

An optimal solution can be considered the possibility of combining a number of built-in ceiling fixtures (try over-the-bath they are not installed), and the right amount of lighting as a local lighting of individual zones - the mirror, wash basin, shower, bath or washing machine.

You can also choose from a fairly large range of mobile lighting fixtures that can be rotated, directing light in different directions, even change its color and intensity.On both sides of the mirror set a few lights with the light-scattering, they are well illuminated and does not dazzle the eye.Pay attention to a typical mistake: if the light near the mirror is directed from the top down, it will emphasize wrinkles, but if the bottom up - will create shadows on the face.

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