Analysis of the poem Bryusov "Dagger".

Although Bryusov had a direct bearing on the symbolism, yet one of his works of genius belongs to the Russian classicism.The poem "Dagger" was written in 1903, it is dedicated to Mikhail Lermontov and Alexander Pushkin - two great writers, who gave his life to the struggle against the autocracy, raises in his writings on freedom and the role of the poet in society.

Analysis poem Bryusov "Dagger" allows a certain parallel with the work of the same name by Lermontov.Valery Yakovlevich has used in his work just a metaphor, comparing the blade with a poetic gift.In his opinion, everyone should be fluent in a sharp instrument of vengeance.Bruce believes that the word has a very big impact, the only question is, whether the poet wants to hone their skills and to convey to the public the hidden meaning of the verses, so that they are understandable and clear.

Analysis poem Bryusov "Dagger" allows you to see the differences between the worldview of the author and his predecessors - Pushkin and Lermontov.Alexander and Mikhail thought that the poet should write poetry for people who are not paying attention to the obstacles and misunderstandings.But Valery Ya think that it is pointless to talk about lofty matters if people are in captivity.The poet can not change anything, as long as people do not try to get rid of the burden.The writer must submit to public opinion, and not vice versa.

Valery Y. realizes that he alone can not do anything.Analysis of the poem Bryusov "Dagger" shows that the author devotes so the role of a detached observer, and nullifies any value literature.The writer must be included in the fight when starting riots.Bryusov "Dagger" was written with the belief in the changing political situation in the country.Many believe that he had the gift of foresight, because two years after composing the poem was a revolution.

Valery Y. predicted shift of public information, he clearly decided for themselves which side will play.Analysis of the poem Bryusov "Dagger" allows us to understand that the author admires the works of Pushkin and Lermontov, knowing that their works were more important to society than his work.Valery Yakovlevich selects the side of the people, but he can not explain why he does it.Mikhail and Alexander were once the link between the different sectors of society, but Bruce himself is not.

poet is not proud of his creativity, because he can not change anything.The works do not hear the call to action, the tsarist regime does not pay any attention to them.Verse Bryusov "Dagger" reiterates that he "songbook struggle," while the poet is aware that it lacks dissent Lermontov and Pushkin audacity.Valery Yakovlevich not able to lead the crowd, become a thought leader, his fate - to accept the will of the public and to dissolve into a gray mass.