How to make friends contemporary adult

problem is how to make friends is always current.Regardless of age, and marital status every person wants to have a good and unselfish friends and comrades, who are sure to help in a difficult moment.

While we are young, it seems, we have a lot of friends.Dinner parties, trips to the cinema, roller skating and strolling joint sessions - we share a lot.Unfortunately, the years pass and disappear from our lives of youth and childhood friends, are only a few.Many people reflect on how to make friends, but often do not know where to start.

Modern adult wants to have more friends, but the work takes almost all the time.And so it happens that there is an opportunity to change your life, get a different job, or even to move.How to make a lot of friends in that case?The main thing - the desire, and the desire to communicate, did not need to wonder how to make friends.

We'll give you a few tips to follow to get the long-awaited friendly relationship and enjoy life.

Tip 1 - Look close colleagues.Questions how to make friends immediately fall away as soon as you drink a cup of coffee with a colleague and a little chat.Often you can find your soul mate, and in the office.Think for yourself, you share common goals and objectives, you spend a lot of time together, in addition to corporate parties you will not be bored.Other colleagues will cover if you want to stay or run away from work for an hour, advise and help to make the report.

Tip 2 - Do not waste time on uninteresting person.Friendship should be a joy, not a burden, so you should choose people like.If you have very different interests and your lifestyle is completely different, most likely, will not friendship.Friendship implies a common hobby, pastime together, trust and sincerity.If a person initially unpleasant to you, in the future, little will change, and you should not waste your time on such communication.

Tip 3 - mentally draw a portrait of your friend.Many argue that thoughts are material, try your luck and you.Are you interested in sports, the athlete imagine, shopping - fashion-conscious man dancing - imagine that you are dancing together.Sometimes it happens that you meet is a man of dreams.When the image coined, is actively seeking to do.More often in those places in which to focus your interests: fitness centers, cinemas, theaters, shops, there is a good chance to find a friend.

Tip 4 - beware of sycophants.Often people make the mistake of accepting the flattery of the truth.Unfortunately, a lot of dishonest people, but Examine them carefully to others.You should be alerted if you say nothing but compliments, too much care and try to please - most likely, such a person is a real smoothie, and friendship with him will come.

Tip 5 - Make sure that you have not used.Often people only pretend to be friends to use you.Consider: Your new friend comes to visit, do not even bring the chocolate, or to repay a debt, asks you to pay for lunch - then it is not a friend.True friends do not need to be greedy.Of course you can, and pay for the other, but the next time it needs to do it.Friendship has to be mutual and equal.

Modern adult to find a friend is easy, you just look at the others.Remember that the most important friends - a family.You should not be sprayed on many, better to give the best one or two friends.Friendship is not only for entertainment, and above it have to work constantly.We wish you a real friend, and friends who will share with you and the mountain, and the greatest happiness.