How to make a network printer via Wi-Fi (Windows 7-8)?

urgent problem for all home users still remains to connect the printer to your home network and its operation.The same question is asked by the owners of printers: "How to make a network printer via WiFi?» Neither the manufacturer nor the seller is not in a hurry to share useful information with customers, because they are interested in that for the networking users to purchase expensive equipment.This is fundamentally the wrong approach for the XXI century.This article describes the various options for connecting a printer at home, which not only organize, but also facilitate the work and leisure users.

You have to understand what is at stake

to be easier to navigate in the settings, you need to understand the existing printer interfaces - which are look like and what is needed.

  1. Wired port USB.High-speed bus allows you to connect the printer directly to the device.By default, a computer, a laptop and router.The interface cable is unique - on the one hand, rectangular connector to connect to the PC, on the other hand - trapezoidal port to connect to a printer.That the owners of USB-devices are primarily interested in how to make the network printer to print to not only your computer but also to other mobile devices.
  2. Network port Ethernet.It is found only in high-end devices, and is designed to connect the printer to a network hub.This technology meets the printing needs of the owners of such devices.
  3. wireless technology Wi-Fi.Most modern printers are equipped with such a module, but full operation is not always possible.After all, you need to print business software, which is not always willing to work on smartphones and tablets.

Friendship with the router

to figure out how to make a USB printer network.Available USB port on a network router without built-in Print Server will not give positive results connection.Therefore, it is recommended to read the instructions supplied with the network equipment and verify that the connectivity of the printer, until the model.And if there is an opportunity, we can safely perform the following actions:

  1. Connect the printer to the power supply and a router.
  2. connect the printer to the USB-port of the router, you must ensure that it "made friends" with the device.To do this, open a Web-based network devices in your browser.Location router login and password can be found in the instructions, but if you set up your wireless point carried provider with any questions you connect the printer directly dependent on the person who makes the setting of the router.
  3. After authorization under Print Server name should appear a connected printer.

Proper configuration USB-connection to the router

  1. On a personal computer, you must go to the Control Panel and select the tab "Devices and Printers".Further, all the algorithm: "Add a local printer" - "Create a new port Standart TCP / IP».
  2. After clicking "Next" you must enter the router's IP address ( is the default) and be sure to remove the box next to "Choose the driver automatically."
  3. After finding the printer to choose the device type «Generic Network Card» and click "Next".
  4. driver is installed manually from the disk using the same name menu.
  5. again by going to the "Devices and Printers", select the "Printer Properties" by clicking alternate mouse button on a newly installed device.Turning to the tab "Ports", you need to go to settings, set the LPR protocol, and specify a name.

learn simple description of how to make a network printer by connecting it to a router, the user will not be difficult to make all the settings yourself.It would not be superfluous to open the instructions to the router and get acquainted with it - very often the manufacturer offers a proprietary algorithm to connect the printer via USB.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi

Office recently equipped with Wi-Fi module, offering the user to quickly and easily make a network printer.Windows 8 10, as well as more recent version of Android, installed on smartphones and tablets may not always work correctly with the printer wirelessly.The problem lies in the software compatibility with the operating system.Users often post-Soviet space does not have the capacity to make full use of print-on Wi-Fi, a module that is built into the printer.

In such cases, there are two options:

  1. Connect the printer to the router with a USB as previously described instructions.
  2. Connect the printer over a wireless connection WPS.Naturally, the router must have the Print Server, to maintain the existing printer model and rapid WPS connection should be tied to the print server.

wired network - a way out of a difficult situation

If you connect the printer to a wireless network failed in using the methods described above because of the lack of technical support equipment, should not get upset.There is a very easy way to make a normal printer on a wired network interface.The user must be purchased to connect a device called Print Server, which can be found at any computer store for the price of 200-300 rubles apiece.

In most cases, a certified print server has a factory setting that the manufacturer indicates in the manual or on the sticker posted on the device.Just connect the printer via USB to a print server, which, in turn, connected to the hub router cable Ethernet.

Network address of the printer can be found in the settings of the router to find a PC with special software.Then proceed to the regular setting instruction by the recording apparatus described above.

expensive solution

Many people are wondering how to make the network printer from the local, does not stop the issue price, so the wireless print server created specifically for such purposes, the type of release is not necessary.Can only confuse the price - it is higher than most decent router with great potential.Give a miracle device will have from 4000 to 8000 rubles.Setting Up a Wireless Print Server device is no different from a wired print server.All information on fine-tuning is present in the instructions for the network equipment.

main feature that attracts the buyer to such a device, is the support of mobile technology from Apple.It is this brand somehow overlooked by many manufacturers of wireless printers and routers.Therefore, for the owners of iPhone, MacBook and iPad purchase wireless print server is the only solution to the problems associated with printing on the printer.

Sharing a printer

The simplest, but least effective way to solve the problem of how to make the printer network is to provide public access to the local computer.The algorithm is fairly simple and it will overcome even a schoolboy.

  1. Entering the properties set in the Windows printer, go to the tab "Access" and check the boxes opposite the fields "Sharing" and "Simultaneous tasks".
  2. Going into the properties of the system and go to the tab "Computer Name" to make sure that the "Working Group" spelled the same for all computers in the local network.
  3. To make a network printer, Windows 7, and 8 and 10 require additional network adapter settings.To do this, go to the "Network Control Center" and change advanced sharing settings by checking the boxes in front of all the fields, beginning with the word 'on'.
  4. Encryption is recommended to install the 128-bit and password protection disabled.

remote connection to an available printer

completing the first step in deciding how to make the network printer, you can begin to connect the device to the public the rest of the computers in the network.Only two options - they are different, but the result is the same from them.The first option described above, as for the configuration is not much difference what type of connection is used - important to know the IP address of the printer.

But the second method is suitable for people who are looking for light the way.In fact, this guide on how to make the local network printer.Turning to the "Network Connections", which can be found in the Control Panel, you must select the "My Network Places".The alternative can serve as launching shortcut "My Network Places" on your desktop, if you delete it earlier as unnecessary.Here you want to display computers that are part of a working group - for this is the corresponding button.Finding the right computer to come with him.The list of available resources will be displayed and the printer.If you double-click on the device name and accept all the warnings, the printer can be easily connected.

In conclusion

Ask a question "how to make the network printer", the user will always be able to find any solution to his right.After all options are countless - would be money and desire.However, many for some reason forget about the safety of using unprotected communication channel Wi-Fi.The printer will be visible to all users within a radius of operation of the wireless router.Judging by the numerous reviews of professionals in the field of IT technology, it is not recommended to provide public access to a computer over a wireless network, for the safety of your personal information is always above any standard.