Astrological Compatibility combination of yin and yang

As you know, Yin - feminine, Yang - masculine, Yin - passive principle, Yang - active.It would seem that everything is simple: a man in a relationship - Yan, a woman - Yin.However, how often in life we ​​meet women active and passive men.It turns out that a "mismatch" is due to a personal horoscope.

Zodiac Signs are also in the division of Yin and Yang.By Yin - the signs are signs of water and earth, that is, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.They are considered in astrology and female characters.

to the male element (Yang) are signs of the elements of Fire and Air, that is, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.But if you were born under the sign of Aries, it does not mean that you have dominated Yang, you need to know the position of all the planets in the horoscope.

There are 3 combinations of interoperability :

1. Yin and Yang. This is the best option for relationships.He who in the horoscope is dominated Yang, taking the initiative in their hands, and the man who has dominated Yin, it easily picks up.Relationships develop harmoniously, they have a distinct leader.Well, if Yang principle is expressed in a man, then he is the head of the family.If Yang is stronger in women, you get a matriarchal family.But who would not be in the role of Yin and Yang, in any case, the union is harmonious.This pair is easy to make decisions, they rarely quarrel;

2. Yang and Yang. In this case, within a pair will always be a struggle for the leadership.They agreed the two temperamental and strong character.Union is usually passionate, but there are a lot of quarrels and conflicts.Sooner or later, someone will win, or will alternate power grab.Such a relationship - it is a constant struggle, making them rich and interesting, but complicated stage lapping each other.You are advised to divide the spheres of influence of each specific issue should be decided by whoever it is more competent;

3. Yin Yin.Agreed two passive principle.Here, conflicts arise where less often, but the pair may be difficult to make a decision.They are constantly striving to give way to each other and as a result - long doubt, each afraid to take the initiative.Because of his inactivity, you can miss a lot of opportunities, and therefore you are also encouraged to share responsibilities - let each of you learns to be responsible and make decisions in that area, which is closer to him.

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