Armed Forces: troops connection

There are special kinds of armed forces, which are designed for command and control and to ensure the exchange of information - this is the Signal Corps.They consist of a supply and maintenance units.Naturally, they are also part responsible for liaison.

Such divisions have appeared in the Russian army is still in the middle of the nineteenth century.It was shortly after the electric telegraph was invented.For the first time this device has been used in the Crimean War, and the first troops of communication in those days were known as "wire hiking parks", they were replaced by the telegraph company.Scientific and technological progress does not stand.And in the Russian Empire in 1899 it became the first in the world to operate the radio.

In 1919, the Soviet state was created General Directorate of Communication of the Red Army, and from that moment on government communications troops actually became a separate kind of troops.This was facilitated by the creation of the Higher School of Electrical Engineering in the same year.A major impetus for the further development of communication technologies were the events of the Great Patriotic War.There are new means for the exchange of information at a distance, including direct-printing machines and VHF radio.

In our time signal troops may well provide a full communication between different objects, no matter at what distance they are from each other.In the opinion of competent experts, their contribution is equivalent to an increase of combat capabilities.

communication system - this is one of the most important conditions for the success of the management of the actions of the armed forces.It is also its technical basis.Therefore, in our time, the army's most powerful states of the world is constantly apply innovations in the field of navigation and communication.No exception and Russian forces.One of the priorities in the process of improving the functionality of the army - is the automation of the activities of its management.In years past, it often happens that in the operation did not turn out the latest technology, and many modernization projects have remained unrealized.However, in recent years this process has finally got off the ground.Improve the financing of the military industry, the first steps toward modernization.In service there are examples of machinery, which in no way inferior to their foreign counterparts.These include automation, new types of radio stations and satellite stations (both mobile and stationary), digital equipment, and more.Yet in this area there is still a lot of problems that require a speedy solution.

So, there are significant gaps of time between the designation of targets for the production of technical facilities and the issuance of this facility into operation.This leads to the fact that during this period weapons simply become obsolete.Purchases of equipment are planned for one year only, which does not provide the necessary means of communication troops in the right amount.

Yet it is worth noting that there is no point in importing Russian equipment.This is due to the fact that foreign partners are not interested in selling the most modern and high-quality samples of equipment, which is used by the Signal Corps.And also the fact that domestic manufacturers produce equipment at least no worse than its foreign counterparts.