Adobe Bridge: What is this program, how to install it and how to remove it?

Adobe Bridge - What is it?Let's see how you can get the application, install it and remove it.After all, very few people really know what invented such a program.Today we will examine this complex issue.

What is it?

Adobe Bridge - What is it?To answer this question, we have to talk a little bit about how to edit photos.The fact is that this process requires careful preparation often.To do this, we set up special programs.They help to sort, select and view images before processing.

thus appeared Adobe Bridge.What is this program and how to operate it?This is a real helper for preparing images for processing.At first glance it may seem that nothing special about it.But the reality is a little different.For example, if you are a professional photographer, then this application will help you quickly sort the files, and add various watermarks and copyright to them.Of course, ordinary users this application is practically not necessary.

Adobe Bridge - what kind of development and where to get it?Let's find out how to get this application and install it or remove it.Incidentally, such a program usually helps to work exclusively with "Photoshop".Let's move on.


first option that can be offered to any modern client - is to buy software in a store.Find now absolutely any application.Note that you will have a little "fork", in order to acquire this unique applets.

Usually, you can find it at any computer store shelves labeled labeled "Working with graphics".The cost, in truth, ranges from 250 to 1000 rubles, all depends on the region of residence.After purchase, you get also a special key, which is required for activation.Without it, you will have the opportunity to work in Adobe Bridge only 30 days.And then still have to buy a key.

Actually, this method is not particularly pleasing many customers.Especially if you just want to try to see what kind of program in front of you.Indeed, why pay more for a "pig in a poke", where there are still some pretty interesting and simple approach to the solution of the problem we face today.What is it?Let us know as soon as possible.


Adobe Photoshop Bridge can also be obtained by other methods.For example, when buying a main program for processing image files - "Photoshop".The thing is that many of the official ROM you will have to attend a number of additional programs helpers.

In truth, there will also have to buy a "Photoshop".After all, in most cases, only this approach will allow you to be 100% sure of the presence of "Bridge" on the disc.The cost also varies Photoshop.Only it is much higher - from 500 to 2500 rubles.In general, you should not pay attention to the more expensive options for 1,000 rubles.They are, as a rule, there is nothing that distinguishes them from the disks for 2500 rubles.All the same activation key, and additional content for graphics.

Depending on the version of "Photoshop", you will have installed the appropriate Adobe Bridge.That is, if you bought CS4, then that will be the same "bridge".Of course, it is best to use only the latest version.Nevertheless, this method also involves the purchase of a disc.Is not this you can not do?Of course, there is another very interesting approach.And now we get to know him.


Of course, no one has repealed this approach as downloading programs from the Internet.This is what has been most PC users.Typically, this method is most suitable.But everything is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

The thing is that you have two versions of events.First - it is a separate application download Adobe Bridge, and the second - "Photoshop".In both cases, you have to wait a long time.After all, both of these programs rather "heavy".

also have to be warned beforehand that you have in the "assembly" had a special activation key.Without it, as has been said, you can run applications only 30 days.And that's it.We'll have to buy a key.Fortunately, there are a variety of "keygens" that will choose the combination of working for your version of the application.After you make sure that everything is ready, you can begin to work.

install a separate Adobe Bridge

How to install?In fact, it's not as difficult as it might seem at first.The first scenario - is to install a separate program.It is desirable that you have been "Photoshop".So then it will be easier to work with.

First insert the disk into the drive with the program.You will see a special installer.Now press the "Next" as long as you do not appear the way the installation program.Select it, and then agree to the license agreement.Now you can click "Next" and enter the activation key (sometimes it must be entered immediately after the installer), and then wait for the process to finish.

worth noting one important feature - if you have the "photoshop", it is best to select the installation path in the folder.Then the application will not interfere, and the probability of failures and malfunctions will be reduced to a minimum.That all problems are solved.However, there is one rather interesting approach to solving this problem.Which one?Let us try to understand it.

software package

The second scenario - it is the direct installation of Adobe Bridge with "Photoshop".Of course, as additional content.Let's understand quickly how to translate ideas into action.

To begin, insert the disk into the drive (or double-click on the downloaded installer file), and then wait for the first Welcome screen.Now you can select the key (recommended) or without him.In the first case will have to immediately dial the serial number that must be you.But then I do not have 30 days to think about the activation.Depending on the option selected, the next screen, or you see a warning that a month "trial" will cease to exist, or a window for the introduction of the key.

final stage, and then specify the installation path of the program.In the same window, in the right part of it, you will see additional programs.Note there is a check mark Adobe Bridge, and then click "Next."That's all.It remains only to wait for the end of the process.Ultimately, you will have "Photoshop" and the program for the preparation of photos and image files for processing.Nothing difficult or supernatural.Only sometimes you have to think about removing the "Bridge".In particular, if you realize that the application you do not need.


Adobe Bridge how to remove once and for all?Let us try to understand this.First, it is possible to provide - use standard method.Namely, the "Start" menu.

Go to it, then look for a folder Adobe.There would have to find "Adob Bridge", and then open it.You will have a small list of actions and ongoing functions.Click the "Delete", and then follow the instructions on the screen.As a rule, all the time, just click "Next" and then "OK."Then to complete the process you will no longer be the application is installed.


second method, which is suitable - is to use the "Control Panel" on your computer.Open the "Start" button, then locate where this service.Then, just click on the line "Add or Remove Programs."Now you will see a window in which to view the entire content is installed on the computer.

found there Adobe Bridge, and then click on the line right mouse button.In the menu that appears, select "Delete" - you open the installer.Click "Next" and wait for the end of the process.It now remains to click on "OK" and enjoy the results.Adobe Bridge - the program is quite useful in the right hands.So it is better to put it on your computer and do not delete - it may come in handy.