Defender - wheel for games

In our time geymindustriya at the peak of his popularity.Millions of players around the world every day playing "Hartstoun", "DotA 2" CS: GO "Batlfield" and other projects.In order to get more experience on the gameplay, gamers will take on some special accessories such as joysticks, gamepads or steering wheels.One of the most popular companies in the production of such devices - Defender.Its products, and we will talk in this article.


To start delve into the history of the company.Defender was founded back in 1990.Initially the company produced protective screens for monitors, who in those days were often used to reduce the harmful effects of the computer user.Hence the name of the brand, because the word defender translated to English means "defender".Since 1992, the range of the company began to actively expand.

At present the company Defender took a large niche in the production of gaming products.Now they are releasing peripherals for computers (various keyboards, gamepads, microphone, mouse, headphones, headsets, and so on. D.), Cleaning products for gadgets, laptop bags and accessories for mobile devices, and so on. D. Products from the Defender are renowned for their qualityas made in the European and Asian factories.Products Defender has been repeatedly awarded prestigious awards from well-known computer publications (for example, "Upgrade", "CHIP", "consumer" Iron "and others).

In this article we will talk about one of the most popular products of the brand. Wediscuss created by Defender wheel. Want to know more about this device? Then read this article!

Products Defender: wheel

I'm sure everyone would like to direct the beautiful sports car or the fastest supercar. Created by Defender wheel help make this dream a reality. More recently, the brand Defender introduced his new gaming device called Forsage GTR. As stated by the company itself, the new wheel different functionality and build quality. But is it really a game Wheel of Defender as good as they say? The answer to this question liesin this review.

Review Defender Forsage GTR

The first thing you want to pay attention - this is the appearance of the device.Game Wheel of Defender simply indistinguishable from the real "bagels".The material from which made the gadget, very pleasant to the touch and does not slip even in sweaty hands.The wheel has a rubberized insert to provide a sturdy and comfortable grip.The angle of inclination is about 45 degrees.With this device does not obstruct the monitor, and the gamer can not distract from the gameplay.

now is say a few words about the functionality of the device.Perhaps more than anything in this gadget pleases vibration mode, which gives more realism and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game.It is also worth to notice that manufactured by Defender wheel has an increased set of keys.That is, in addition to the standard, there are also extra buttons that you can assign any function.In addition, the switch on the steering wheel flaunt species and two steering column switch.They duplicate the functions of the gas and brake.So if you for some reason do not want to use the pedals (which are included), you can do without them.

used as fastening clamp and suction cups.Thanks to them, the steering wheel firmly attached to any surface.Therefore, even during sharp turns bagel will not hang.


What are games for steering Defender?Well, of course, that the device is designed for racing.This means that the steering wheel can be used as Controller in any car simulator.More specifically, this gadget supports games such as NFS (all games since 2003), "Colin McRae: Dirt" GRID, "Flight 07" and so on. D.

addition, Defender - steering wheel,which can be used not only with a PC, you can even connect to the console ("Sony Playstation" 2 and 3).This means that the owners of consoles will be able to play the legendary "Gran Turismo" with the wheel.

What is most interesting, the steering wheel can be used not only in the race.For fun, you can try to connect the device to the games of different genres.For example, "steer" a football player is much more interesting than the car.

How to adjust the steering wheel Defender?

But before you start to hone their driving skills, you need to adjust the steering wheel.The first thing to do - install the appropriate software.As a rule, the bundle includes a CD with drivers.Run it, activate setuo.exe file and follow the prompts that appear during the installation.What if the disk was not included?No problem, just download the driver from the official web site (

Set, wheel connect via cable.If you did everything correctly, you will work on the steering wheel color indicator that notifies the activation device.After that you need to test the functionality of the steering wheel.In order to do this, you need to go to "Control Panel" and choose to "Game Controllers."Opening the column "Status", you should find the inscription "O / C".If not, you should reconnect the steering wheel.


Game steering wheel Defender - exquisite gadget, which is essential to all fans of auto simulators.In addition to the excellent quality and enormous functional steering wheel boasts a relatively low price (about 3000 rubles).