Occupation driver.

Occupation driver is one of the most sought after in many countries.Development of transport infrastructure increases the demands on drivers, their professional qualities.Choosing this profession implies not only a willingness to spend behind the wheel of the vehicle for many hours, but there were some professional skills to help become a master of his craft.

Occupation driver.Description and features

driver - a worker who operates a particular vehicle and a driver's license with the corresponding open categories.The driver is required in many sectors of the economy and production, so to find a job in this area difficult.Large companies have their own fleet and hire drivers for regular passenger and freight traffic.Occupation driver of demand in most taxi pools that are available in every city.

Besides cars, the drivers run trolleybuses, trams, buses, special vehicles, and so on. D. There are trucks for passenger traffic, freight traffic and other tasks.But whatever the vehicle or the driver drove, he is always responsible for the safety of transported cargo and the lives of passengers.In order to be certain the driver of the vehicle, you must have the right to confirm the ability to manage these funds.

categories of driving licenses

for a motorcycle driver's license, you must have an open presence in Category A. Category A certification says that the driver can control the two-wheeler and a motorcycle with a sidecar, of which in full gear does not exceed 400 kg.In this category distinguish subcategory A 1, the opening of which allows you to manage models of motorcycles with small engine displacement.

Category B - it is cars that are up to eight passenger seats and a weight of up to 3500 kg.The presence of this category indicates that the driver is allowed to drive a car with a small trailer (750 kg) or vehicle convoys with a total weight of no more than three and a half tons.For driving with ponderous trailer driver must have a category BE.

to manage lorries, you must have an open category C. These vehicles include trucks weighing more than 3.5 tonnes, including a small trailer.To drive a truck trailer with heavy-handed, it is necessary to have an additional category CE.Also in the category C is isolated subcategory C1 and C1E.Opening subcategory C1 allows you to manage lorries in a weight range of 3.5-7.5 tons.By subcategory C1E are trucks with trailer ponderous mass of which exceeds 750 kg, provided that the total weight of the total composition is not more than twelve tons.

D category driving license says that the driver can carry passengers, including transport to the management of small trailer.These tools include buses and taxis, the number of passenger seats does not exceed eight.The ability to control the bus and minibus with a trailer with a mass of over 750 kg, giving the category DE.There are a subcategory D1, which allows you to control the transport, having from 9 to 16 seats, including a small trailer.To control the transport category to D1, but with heavyweight trailer, open category D1E.

Category E at the moment excluded from driving licenses.It replaced the categories described above with the prefix E, for example, BE, DE, or CE.E driver can control traffic with heavy-weight trailers (over 750 kg).Under the new rules it is necessary to exchange their license for a new.There are two variants of the replacement certificate.If the driver E opened it up to 01.01.2001, the new license will contain all previously open category with a prefix E. In the case of E after that date, will only license those categories, which have been handed over exams.The new rules create categories for drivers of trolley buses and trams.

Driver requirements

Occupation driver implies a person has certain personality traits, and medical indications, in order to become professional.

careful and cautious on the road to help in time to react to a dangerous situation that could lead to serious consequences.In addition, the driver must have a good memory, because you must navigate a large number of traffic signs.

For medical limits for drivers include: good vision, lack of diseases associated with involuntary movements, mental health.

Responsibilities driver

Depending on the location and type of work to operate a vehicle and responsibilities of different driver.Personal driver applies to domestic staff and, in transport management, his responsibilities often include content in the clean vehicle and maintaining its good.

Occupation bus driver means other than passenger traffic, carrying their luggage.Usually there is an approved bus route that the driver should always follow.The driver of the tram or trolley must be able to check the condition of the vehicle and eliminate the basic problem.

How to become a driver?

Occupation driver implies special education.It is available in the courses of driving, after which, and after passing the exam is issued a driver's license with the open category.These courses are included in some programs of universities and technical secondary education institutions.Driving does not speak about the professionalism of the worker.In this profession it plays a very important experience, because many skills come to the number of hours spent behind the wheel.


driver's salary depends on the company where he works, as well as the schedule and the number of hours of work.The most prestigious profession in this area is considered to be a personal driver as the salary of staff are highly dependent on the opportunities provided by the employer and driver services.Bus driver salary averages 50,000 rubles, trolleybus or tram - about 40 000 rubles.

salary for drivers of vehicles intended for freight transport is heavily dependent on enterprise policy.Privately driver can earn more, but work at the plant is stable benefit for some is a powerful argument.