Event Log Windows 7. Where can I find the system log

In Windows, the seventh version has a function of tracking of important events that occur in the system software.In the "Microsoft", the term "event" means any occurrence in the system that are recorded in a special register and signal currently users or administrators.This can be a utility that does not want to run, the failure of an application or incorrect installation of the devices.All accident records and stores the event log Windows 7. It also has and shows all activities in chronological order, helps to produce a system control provides security OSes, corrects errors and diagnose the entire system.

should periodically review the log for the emergence of the information received, and configure your system to preserve important data.

Window 7 - Program

computer application "Event Viewer" is an essential part of office tools "Maykrasoft" that are designed to monitor and log viewer.It is an essential tool for monitoring system performance and eliminate errors occurring.Utility "Vindovs" control documenting incidents, called "event log".If this service is started, it begins to collect and record all relevant data in its archive.Event Log of Windows 7 allows to perform the following steps:

- view the data stored in the archive;

- the use of different event filters and save them for later use in the system settings;

- creating a subscription to certain incidents and management;

- assign certain actions in case of any events.

How to open the event log of Windows 7?

program is responsible for the registration of accidents, runs as follows:

1. Activate the menu by pressing the "Start" in the lower left corner of the screen, and then open the "Control Panel."In the list of controls, select "Administration" and in this menu click on the "Event Viewer".

2. There is another way to view the event log Windows 7. To do this, go to the "Start" menu in the search box type mmc, and send a request to search a file.Next table opens MMC, where you need to select a paragraph indicating the addition and removal of equipment.Next, the addition of "Event Viewer" in the main window.

What is described by the application?

operating systems Widows 7 and Vista installed two types of event logs: system log files, and service applications.A first embodiment is used for fixing the system-wide events, which are associated with the performance of various applications running and safety.The second option is responsible for recording the events of their work.For the control and management of all data service "Event Log" tab using "View", which is divided into the following items:

- Appendix - are stored events that are associated with a particular program.For example, the postal service is stored in the history of the place of delivery of information, a variety of events in the mailboxes, and so on.

- item "Security" retains all the data relating to log in and out of it, the use of administrative capacity and treatment resources.

- Installation - in the event log of Windows 7 recorded data that arise during the installation and configuration of the system and its applications.

- system - records all events OSes, such as a failure when you run an application or service to install and update device drivers, various messages concerning the operation of the entire system.

- Forwarded events - when this option is set, then it stores information that comes from other servers.

Other sub-main menu

Also on the menu "Administration" where the event log in Windows 7 and is, there are some additional items:

- Internet Explorer - is recorded the events that occur when using and configuring the eponymous browser.

- Windows PowerShell - in this folder are recorded the incident with regard to the application shell PowerShell.

- Events Equipment - when this option is set, the log contains data that is generating device.

entire structure of "seven," which provides a record of all the events based on the type of "Vista" in XML.But for the program to Window 7, the event log is not necessary to know how to use this code.Appendix "Event Viewer" will do everything by itself, provide a convenient and simple table with menu items.

Features accidents

user who wants to learn how to view the event log of Windows 7 should also understand and in the characteristics of the data that they want to see.After all, there are different properties of various incidents described in the "Event Viewer".These features will be discussed below:

- Spa - program, fixing events in the log.Here are recorded the names of applications or drivers that influenced a particular incident.

- Event - a set of numbers that determine the type of incident.This code and the name of the event source is used to ensure technical support system for correcting errors and eliminating software failures.

- level - the degree of importance of the event.Event Log system has six levels of accidents:

1. Post.

2. Caution.

3. Error.

4. A dangerous mistake.

5. Monitoring of successful operations to correct the error.

6. The audit failed actions.

- Members - captures the credentials on behalf of which the incident occurred.This may be the names of the various services, as well as actual members.

- Date and time - records the time parameters of one event.

- CPU usage - the time needed to perform user commands.

There are many other events that occur in the operating system.All incidents are displayed in the "Event Viewer" with a description of all related information data.

How to work with the event log?

very important point in the prevention of crashes and hangs from a periodic browsing the magazine "app", which records information about the incident, the recent actions with a particular program, as well as a choice of the available operations.

Going into the event log of Windows 7, the submenu "Application" you can see a list of all programs that cause a variety of adverse events in the system, the time and date of their appearance, the source and the degree of problematical.

In this console, you can keep all the events of the last few months to clear the log from the old records, change the size of the table, and much more.

User Response events

learn how to open the event log of Windows 7 and how to use it, you should continue to learn how to apply this useful application "Task Scheduler."To do this right mouse button to click on any incident in the window that opens, select the menu bind tasks to the event.The next time such an incident occurs in the system, Operating System to launch the automatic task processing error and its correction.

error in the log is no reason for panic

If viewing the system event log of Windows 7, you will see appearing periodically system errors or warnings, you should not worry and panic about it.Even if your computer works fine can register various errors and failures, most of which do not bear a serious health threat to the PC.

we describe an application created to ease the system administrator control over computers and eliminate emerging problems.

Conclusion Based on the foregoing, it is clear that the event log - a way to program and system to capture and store all events on your computer in one place.This log stores all operating error messages and warning system applications.

Where is the event log in Windows 7 than open it, how to use it, how to correct mistakes appeared - all we have learned from this article.But many ask, "Why do we need it, we are not system administrators, not programmers, but ordinary users to whom the knowledge of how to do not need?" But this approach is wrong.After all, when a person is sick with something, before going to the doctor, he is trying to heal itself one way or another.And many often it turns out.So the computer is the digital body, can "get sick", and in this article shows one way how to diagnose the cause of this "disease", according to the results of the "survey" can make the right decision about the methods of the subsequent "treatment".

So the information about how to view event will be useful not only for system designers, but also the ordinary user.