How to choose a DVR for car

DVRs Among car owners every day are becoming increasingly popular, so it is now common to see inside the car.This device helps to capture a picture of the accident and the communication with the traffic police, which is a great piece of evidence in the proceedings and disputes with insurance companies, and ministers of the DPS, and allows you to avoid the matter to court.This article discloses the most useful information about how to choose a DVR for car, describes the main characteristics and features of modern models, their features and types.

types and devices Car DVR

If you own a car and you are faced with the question of how to select the DVR, then the first thing you should know is that they are multi-channel and autonomous.Standalone devices have fast and easy installation in the car.They are mounted on a bracket to the front or rear window with suction cups or double-sided adhesive tape.In fact, a small video camera that can record yourself, save it to a memory card or hard disk.The main advantages of standalone DVRs are minimal power consumption, excellent recording quality and the best prices.

Multi-car video recorders, which reviews the most pleasant, composed of a single block, and camera - recorder.They are designed for installation in any location inside the car.Such a recorder can be connected from two to four cameras recording the video signal, which then transmits it to the recording and often save on the memory card.The advantages of this type of DVR consists in the possibility of large area coverage and good quality playback.But while their installation is not so simple, and the energy they consume somewhat more than standalone counterparts.

Choosing Car DVR

Before you select Video, pay attention to some less important parameters that determine its responsibilities and quality.In their list of the first recording resolution is in charge of the details of small objects and image clarity.It is measured in pixels, and the clarity of the image depends on the number - the more pixels, the higher the quality of the recording.Therefore, you need to select a device with the resolution of VGA, Full HD or HD.

Further, speaking about how to select the DVR, you need to take into account its recording speed.The flow of the image is more smooth, when the number of recordable frames per second lot.Now the maximum number of the cells - to 25-30 / s.

Note also sweep avtovideoregistratora.It can be of two types - either progressive or interlaced.In the device of interlaced image frames issued by a breakdown of even and odd lines.A device with a progressive form once complete, the entire staff.From this it follows that in the second embodiment, the image quality will be better, especially in the "freeze frame" or slow motion.

form of data compression is also an important parameter if you need to know how to select a recorder.Modern video compression formats - MPEG4, H.264, M-JPEG and MPEG.Maximum and without loss of data when it is available H.264 format.

When selecting DVR must take into account the viewing angle of his camera.What it is, the better the picture will turn out.Do not forget here that the subject appears larger if the viewing angle is small and vice versa.The best option is 100-140o corner diagonally.

And try to buy a device that has the lowest sensitivity, because it greatly affects the image quality.Unit of measure - suites, and the fewer, the better the quality.