How to choose fragrance for men

Every modern man always wants to look stylish and women like that from him came a charming and its specific aroma.Therefore, his home probably has a cologne for men.But it is enough of one unit of the product?

men go for a walk, work, dating, play sports, attend various events, and there are aromas of morning, afternoon and evening.In each case it is necessary to have a separate men's fragrance.Now stores offer a wide selection of colognes for men and how correctly to figure out how to choose a perfume for all occasions?

Here popular flavor Escentric 02 - a stunning perfume for true connoisseurs of oriental charm and ambergris, a line of fragrances, which is based on a synthetic molecule.Initially, it is a calm incense, and then revealed his whole ardor.At all times the property of amber was used to excite the passions of love and women and men, so all they have ever wanted to evoke a sense of the opposite sex.

purchasing a bottle with the fascinating smell, you will experience an explosion of passion, ecstasy and enthusiasm, a woman will pay you the most attention.They contain notes of elderberries, musk, iris and vitivetra, which gives it a subtle flavor and are ready to help you in any situation.

men's fragrance with a synthetic molecule and amber worthy choice for a real man - disturbing body and soul, they are very much in demand these days as well as for many centuries.Scent with pheromones 01 Molecule reveals just beautiful, it infects passion and the desire of modern man to the fullest extent possible to open their minds and talk about their lifestyles.

This perfume with notes of cool combined with splashes of sensual fruits and flowers, followed by wood train with faint notes of iris, lime and pink pepper.First, it is cold, but then fully revealed all its warmth and sensuality, he began to attract the eyes of weak half of humanity.With it, you will never feel lonely and will always look irresistible.

If you decide to go to an expensive perfume shop, use our tips:

  1. Going to the store, never use cologne, not to kill the newly purchased;
  2. Use only test strips not spray on everything;
  3. After 2-3 flavors, ask the consultant with a jar of coffee, t. To. After several flavors receptors in the nose no longer perceive them.

And finally, if you have purchased a quality perfume, then just a few drops to breathe all day.And never apply it on your hair or clothes, only the body.